3 Things Every First Time Car Buyer Should Do

First Time Car Buyers

If you are new to the car buying scene you may have experienced some common feelings: Exhaustion, anxiety and confusion. Sound like you? It doesn’t have to be like this! With the help of a trusted automotive professional and a little research on your part, you can find the perfect vehicle for you and your needs without experiencing any of these seemingly terrible feelings! It can actually be quite an enjoyable experience for those who love to shop or are anxious to get behind the wheel of their very own vehicle. We’ve come up with a short list of the MUST do’s when considering buying your very first vehicle.


Think you know what kind of car you’re looking for? Take the time to research features and models that are important to you. Doing a little research before stepping foot on the lot will help you find the best deals and know when to walk away. It can also empower you to make decisions and help calm your nerves. When you understand more about what you’re buying you will know exactly where you money is going and you may also lift the rose colored glasses on some features or add ons that can be costly. If you aren’t a big music lover, paying for that sound system really isn’t worth the extra speaker, maybe you don’t need the 8-way power adjustable seat but you would like leather detailing. Learn the value and assess what’s important to you before you’re overwhelmed by choice and price tags.

Build a Budget

When you are really excited about that big purchase it can get easy to get lost in all the features, add ons and new model upgrades thrown your way. To keep yourself from getting distracted by all the bells and whistles of a new vehicle, make a budget prior to heading to the dealership. If you have any shopping companions, tell them your budget and get them to help you stick with it! It’s easy to say yes to the added features when you see their seemingly small price next to the larger, overall price of your vehicle but these things add up quickly. Don’t let a $100 or $200 there throw off your finances. If you’ve done your research you know what kind of vehicle and the features that you can afford. Stick to it!

Shop Around

Now that you know what you want and you know how much you have to spend, you’re ready to shop! Take the time to cruise a couple different dealerships not just for pricing but for salespeople. Great sales staff will make a difference for you and your vehicle. If you walk on a lot and someone is pushing you into a vehicle you don’t really want, they might not have your best interest at heart. Shopping around will also allow you to find a trustworthy individual to help you find a payment plan that will work for you. Don’t worry, there are not sneaky sales people all over the place, trust your instincts and come armed with your knowledge of how much things cost, and how much you can spend.

If you are looking for your very first vehicle, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Using some of these points you can make the process a little smoother and even enjoy your experience! If you’re looking for a reputable financing department in North Carolina, you can contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem to learn more about automotive financing!

How To Build Your Credit Score In 3 Easy Steps

When you first start building your credit score it can be hard to know where to start and even harder to get people to trust you with a zero credit rating. While it may feel like you’re being punished before you’ve committed a crime, don’t worry. You can begin building towards a great credit score and not to mention finance a vehicle even if it may seem impossible.

Creditors and lenders use your credit history to establish whether or not you’re trustworthy. If you hope to take out a loan in the future, or buy a house, you need to establish a good credit rating early on and nurture that relationship over the years. We have a few tips to help you build up your credit.

1) Check out your credit score

I know you think you have a zero credit rating, but are you sure? Make sure you have a clean slate before you begin to move forward. Sometimes things you would not expect can show up on a credit report such as an unpaid library fine and a forgetten medical bill etc. Doing a credit report check will help you know exactly where you stand so when you have a discussion with lenders, they won’t blindside you! It will also give you the opportunity to pay off any of the sneaky debts you may have accumulated.

2) Apply for an auto loan and/or credit card.

You are more than capable of securing an auto loan with zero credit. It you are new to the country you start with a blank slate and creditors will often give you a chance, merely at a higher rate. While the rate may be higher than if you had already esablished an impeccable credit score, with the right team working for you, you can find yourself an affordable payment plan that works with your budget and still find a high quality vehicle.

If you are not in the market for a vehicle, credit cards are also a great way to establish trust with creditors. Talk to your local financial institution about what card may work for you. If you are in the position, you could get both. It you’re looking for a card and are able to secure a low-limit credit card, go for it! Taking loans and paying them back is how you establish credit.

3) Make your payments in full and on time

When you enter into a loan agreement, make sure that you are signing up for affordable payments. When you take out a loan, you are expected to make timely payments and if you fail to do so your credit score will fall. No if’s and’s or but’s. When discussing your financing options with the financial services department, make sure you are open and honest about what you can afford and don’t feel pressured to commit to something that is out of reach. If you feel the agent is pushing you, move on to work with someone more trustworthy.

If you have gone the credit card route, make small payments on your card that you are able to pay in full. It is not enough to pay the minimum payments so be aware of your spending and know that the creditors are watching!

While it may seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve been turned down, to get your first loan and build your credit score with zero credit, it is possible! An auto loan is a great way to start building towards a great future credit rating if you are in the financial position to do so. Everyone needs reliable transportation regardless of credit ratings. Working with a reputable lender and team of financial professionals like the staff at Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem is a great way to work towards your financial future.

“Perfect!” Says Frank Myers Auto Customer

“We have both worked for dealerships. By far, this is the best experience ever! Bill is the best, hands down. The facility is perfect, friendly and fun! We will be back.” – Shannan from Winston Salem, NC when asked about the purchase of her used Nissan Altima from Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, NC. 

To read more reviews from Frank Myers Auto Maxx customers, or to leave your own, please visit https://www.FrankMyersAutoReviews.com

Frank Myers Auto Maxx Named One Of The Top 50 Used Car Dealerships Of 2010 By Auto Dealer Monthly

Winston-Salem, NC Used Car Dealer One Of Only 2 North Carolina Dealers To Be Named To List

Winston Salem Independent Dealer Frank Myers Auto Maxx has been named as one of the top 50 independent auto retailers across the nation by Auto Dealer Monthly.  Of the 50 awarded, only 2 dealerships were chosen from North Carolina.

This year is the fifth consecutive year that Auto Dealer Monthly has recognized dealerships across the country for their sales and service performance. The top 50 were announced in the July issue of the automotive publication.

Although many of the dealership owners operate more than one location, Tracy Myers, Owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, is a single-location dealer.  The used car dealership, auto service facility, auto reconditioning center and auto rental business are located on nearly 5 acres off of Highway 52 in Winston Salem, NC.

Tracy Myers “Grew Up” In Winston Salem Used Car Dealership

Tracy Myers literally grew up in the automotive industry, having worked at Frank Myers Auto for almost 18 years and bought it from his father 6 years ago. He has implemented ground-breaking processes and guest-friendly procedures that reflect his desire to change the perception of the used car industry in which he loves.

Myers has become known as an innovator for his use and integration of internet technology in the world of car shopping. From their famous “Everybody Rides” program to their new 30-Day Satisfaction Promise to social media and internet relationship building, Frank Myers Auto Maxx has dedicated their careers to finding new ways to help people find, qualify for and own  the vehicle of their dreams with little or no money down…even with less than perfect credit.

For a full list of Auto Dealer Monthly’s 2010 Top 50 Independent Retailers, including Frank Myers Auto Maxx, you can visit https://www.autodealermonthly.com/.  


Frank Myers Auto Maxx was recently recognized as the #1 Small Business in NC by Business Leader Magazine, one of the Top 27 Independent Automotive Retailers in the United States by Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine, one of the Top 10 Internet Auto Retailers in the Nation & one of the Top 3 dealerships to work for in the country by The Dealer Business Journal. Tracy is also the author of the #1 best selling book “Uncle Frank Sez”, available at Amazon.com and better bookstores. The dealership specializes in helping people find, qualify for and own the vehicle of their dreams with little or no money down…even with less than perfect credit. For more information on Frank Myers Auto Maxx, please visit their website at: https://www.frankmyersauto.com


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Frank Myers Auto Maxx Announces May 2011 Sales Pro Of The Month

The Sales Pro of the Month for May of 2011 has been announced by Frank Myers Auto Maxx and the winner is Bruno Ricena.

Ricina is a Certified Non-Commissioned Sales Pro at the Winston Salem used car dealership. Hailing originally from New York, Ricina is excited and passionate about helping folks drive home in the car of their dreams. His enthusiasm about his career of choice is evident in everything he does. Bruno likes to build strong customer relationships that last. He immediately puts new customers at ease with his big smile and respectfully puts his customers first by listening and gaining a thorough understanding of their needs. He brings to the dealership a youthful energy that is sure to attract his fair share of new friends and clients.

Head Honcho, Keith Bowman stated “Bruno’s confidence is contagious and his youthful spirit is second to none. It is no surprise to me that he made sales pro of the month. If he continues to be as great as he was in May, I would expect him to be the sales pro of the month every month.”

Credit Miracle Worker at Frank Myers Auto, Rich Little, stated “Bruno really deserves this honor. He was our top sales professional in May of 2010 and we are all proud of him for celebrating that anniversary by working his way to the top once again. His commitment, professionalism, and loyalty to his profession make it a joy for all of his teammates to be around him on a daily basis.”

Bruno has many happy customers. To read what they have to say, please visit

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Tracy Myers is the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC and he is commonly referred to as The Nations Premier Automotive Solutions Provider. Be sure to get your FREE copy of his free report titled “8 Keys To A Better Car Deal”.

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