Frank Myers Auto Maxx Featured On Biography Channel Series

Profiles of Success, a new television series of documentaries, will premiere on August 3, 2012 on the Biography Channel and feature Winston Salem, NC entrepreneurs

Orlando, FL – A new television series created by Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer Nick Nanton, and Emmy Award Nominated Producer JW Dicks, called Profiles of Success.

“Profiles of Success” is a series of specials that will air Nationally on The Biography Channel on Friday mornings throughout 2012 and 2013 at 7:30am to help people start their day with success.

The premiere episode will be a documentary produced by CelebrityFilms® titled “Car Men”. It will air Friday, August 3, 2012 at 7:30am.

“Car Men” has won 5 Telly Awards and features two Winston-Salem business owners, Frank and Tracy Myers, detailing their touching and occasionally hilarious story of how the they created a car business known all across America for its successful out-of-the-box thinking. “Car Men” was filmed on location at Frank Myers Auto Maxx and the surrounding Winston-Salem area in the Summer of 2011.

About CelebrityFilms® 

CelebrityFilms™ produces documentaries and television shows about real life businesses, entrepreneurs and experts in their industries. The edutainment productions all tell true stories with real practical information that viewers can learn and benefit from.

“Movies and television that both educate and entertain are unique mediums that let people convey powerful stories and practical lessons to their audience”, says Nick Nanton an Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer,

Nanton and Emmy Nominated Producer, JW Dicks also produce multiple syndicated television shows including The Brian Tracy Show, Meet the Experts, The Michael E. Gerber Show, World Fitness Elite, Consumer’s Advocate, The New American Dream and Health & Wellness Today.  Their productions have been nominated for 2 Emmy’s, have won 1 Emmy, and they have been awarded 13 Telly Awards for excellence in television and film production.  Combined, they have produced and directed more than 300 television episodes and are currently in production on over a dozen films.

Dicks & Nanton have been seen in USA Today, The Wall St. Journal, Newsweek, Inc. Magazine, The New York Times, Entrepreneur® Magazine, and have appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX television affiliates around the country, as well as on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and CNBC, speaking on subjects ranging from branding, marketing and law, to American Idol.


Frank Myers Auto Maxx Welcomes Bruce Roffey To The Team

Bruce Roffey, one of the top performing independent automotive professionals in the country, has joined the rapidly growing Winston Salem used car dealership Frank Myers Auto Maxx as their new Mastermind of Possibilities. Roffey joins Frank Myers Auto Maxx from Village Motors where, as General Manager, his innovative practices helped make it one of the longest running used car dealership success stories in the US.

As ‘Mastermind of Possibilities’ for Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Roffey will focus on being the key member of Team Member Development to ensure that Team Members have the tools that they need to succeed. Roffey will also contribute his valuable insights to the company’s future growth and development team.

“Bruce is one of the most talented auto dealers on the planet and was hand-selected and recruited personally by me to be our Mastermind Of Possibilities,” said Frank Myers Auto Maxx Architect of Ideas Tracy Myers. “Bruce is known for his innovative thinking, never backing down from a challenge and for being a REAL automotive solutions provider and not just a product pusher. He also has a remarkable undestanding of almost every facet of dealership operations and marketing. The Team and I are so excited that he has joined Frank Myers Auto Maxx to help us serve our customers and our community better.”

A 21-year veteran of the automotive industry, Roffey has worked in virtually every dealership department with all 21 years proudly serving and supporting the entire Catawba Valley area at Village Motors in downtown Conover.

“It’s exciting for me to be joining one of the top 15 car dealerships in the country and the #1 small business in North Carolina. Frank Myers Auto Maxx has what I believe to be the best team of individuals ever assembled at an independent dealership in the auto industry and I’m honored to be a part of it” said Roffey. “In my role as ‘Mastermind Of Possibilities,’ I will work to further enhance the reputation of Frank Myers Auto Maxx as the dealership that specializes in helping people find, qualify for and own the vehicle of their dreams with little or no money down…even with less than perfect credit.”

Family From Ohio Drives To Frank Myers Auto To Buy Car – It seems that even folks in Ohio realizes that Winston Salem used car dealer Frank Myers Auto Maxx is THE best place to drive home in a nicer, newer car! In this video, watch Non-Commissioned Auto Solutions Providers Tim Blaze and Jonathon help a couple from Rio Grand, OH. Steve and Judy went to https://www.Frank, found the car of their dreams and then drove all the way to Winston Salem, NC to pick up their Certified 2006 Pontiac GTO Limited Edition. Now it’s true that folks in the Buckeye State are also becoming Uncle Frank Fanatics.

Chevrolet From Winston Salem Used Car Dealer Hits 266k Miles

Frank Myers Auto Maxx received this message and picture from an Uncle Frank Fanatic today. We wanted to share it with you.
“Bought over 18 years ago at Frank Myers Auto. 266k miles. Been sitting for at least 4 years – put in a new battery today and started right up. Thought you might like to hear that.” – Derek Oakes from Boonville, NC.
Thank you for sharing your story with us, Derek. 

If you want to find YOUR next dependable used vehicle like Derek did, visit, call 336-767-4069 or visit them at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC.



Frank Myers Auto Maxx Presents The Great American Car Swap

How’d you feel when you started reading this blog post and saw Uncle Sam staring at you – pointing his finger at your face? He’s one serious dude, isn’t he? Uncle Sam doesn’t fool around. Neither do I. My name is Tracy Myers, I’m the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx and I mean business. The car business.

So that’s why I’m writing to ask you a very important question. Who else wants to swap their old ride for a nicer, newer car and get paid for the pleasure? 

You see, trading something you’re bored with for something new and exciting is no longer just for flea markets and swap meets. Baseball cards, stamps, coins and other trinkets are the traditional fare for swapping, but I’m upping the ante and modernizing the swap meet with the most anticipated savings event of 2012 – The Great American Car Swap. 

I’ve banded together with dealers from across the nation to give Americans this chance to get rid of the old car they hate driving. 

The Great American Car Swap is good for business and good for America. This is an event that may never happen again! I’m pulling out all the stops to make this SWAP one for the record books! I don’t think anyone should have to drive a car they aren’t excited about and during this event, I don’t want to see anyone leave without a nicer, newer car! That’s why I’m offering up to $4,297.00 more for the old car you’re tired of.

During the Great American Car Swap Winston Salem residents get a chance to lower their car payment, reduce their down payment or get a nicer, newer car with extra upgrades (for the same amount of cash).

Be warned, not all dealers are participating in The Great American Car Swap. I’ve joined forces with like-minded dealers across the country to make this event happen. We’ve spent months planning and are proud to stand together to change America, one car and one family at a time. 

We want to do our part to make America a better place to live.  I’ve read the reports that say Americans are not the happiest people on the planet. Forbes ranked us #10. I’m trying to change that – Americans have always had a love affair with the automobile; my goal is to help more people fall in love (and find happiness) during The Great American Car Swap.”

The Great American Credit Score

Many Americans have something in common – a credit score they aren’t too proud of. Generally this is due to circumstances beyond their control, bad timing or a string of unfortunate events. Most Americans don’t realize how important their credit score really is until they need to get a loan. That’s when they realize they need help and often don’t know where to turn.

I’m working extra hard to help local people in tough situations like these. Here’s my big news . . . This month, I’m introducing my 4G Credit Approval Upgrade. I figured if the cell phone companies can do it, so can I!

My “Everybody Rides 4G Credit Approval Process”

Works to Solve CREDIT Problems . . . 



offers up to 4X MORE FORGIVNESS

and delivers up to 4X more APPROVAL!

I really want to help people get the car they want and deserve. I’m determined not to allow credit challenges to stand in my way.

The 4G Upgrade works to enhance the already highly effective “Everybody Rides Credit Approval Process.” The goal – to get people approved up to 4 times faster, while making the whole approval

process up to 4 times easier, offering up to 4 times more forgiveness so that in the end, up to 4 times more people drive away in a nicer, newer car. 4 times more approval means up to 4 times more happiness!

Take Back Your Happiness Today!

So if you’ve been dreaming about getting rid of the old clunker you’re driving, make today the day your dream comes true! Go to Frank Myers Auto Maxx and swap your old ride for a nicer, newer car during The Great American Car Swap. By this time tomorrow you could be behind the wheel of the nicer, newer car you’ve always dreamed of and on your way to a better life, or at least to a better commute to work! Time to upgrade your life and lifestyle with a nicer, newer set of wheels.

To be a part of this groundbreaking, life-changing event and get up to $4,297.00 more for your car, which may lower your payment, reduce your down payment or get you behind the wheel of a nicer, newer car with extra upgrades (for the same amount of cash), get down to Frank Myers Auto Maxx right away.

Shop today for the best solutions. To reserve a VIP appointment with a Frank Myers Auto Maxx financing and transportation specialist please call 336-767-4069 right now or visit my dealership today at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC today.

See You at the Swap.

P.S. Hurry in, The Great American Car Swap goes until midnight on May 31st or until we’ve swapped 188 cars! The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the better ride!

P.S.S. If you’re worried about being slammed by high pressure salespeople when you visit, STOP IT! Our Sales Team doesn’t work off of commission and that means there will never be any high-pressure tactics involved.

Uncle Frank Sez: “Yes…this offer is real & there is no need to pinch yourself. Please know that offers may not combine & some negative equity may be refinanced. Financing requires bank approval. WE APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE BUT ANY PRICE DISCOUNT(S) MAKE ALL “GREAT AMERICAN CAR SWAP” OFFERS NULL AND VOID.