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It never hurts to look for new ways to get the most out of your vehicle. How’s your gas mileage been lately? Even when it’s good, it can probably be better! Follow these tips from our Winston-Salem auto repair center– you may find new ways to change your routine and get more for your money at the pump!

Slow Your Roll

We’ll start with the biggest challenge in this entire list: drive more slowly on the highway. You may find this to be pretty difficult- who can resist the allure of a flat stretch of open road? But dropping by even 5 miles per hour can save a lot of fuel, and save you money on your next trip to the pump.

No matter your speed, staying on top of maintenance is paramount. Even minor issues with your vehicle, such as tires with low inflation, can compromise your gas mileage. Regular oil changes, brake inspections, and other routine maintenance checks from the technicians at our Winston-Salem auto repair are great ways to keep your car, truck, van, or SUV at its best.
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Change Your Approach

A couple more tips may alter the way you drive, but it’s worth it: things like fast acceleration, hard braking, and excess weight substantially reduce efficiency. Relax a little when you’re behind the wheel, and make sure that if you’re lugging around heavy things, you remove them as soon as possible. When you enjoy the ride, keep your car less crowded, and take your time: you’ll see results in your tank!

Finding professionals who can keep your vehicle in top shape quickly and efficiently can be a challenge, but not to worry. Contact Frank Myers Auto Repair with your questions and we’ll help you with setting up an appointment to visit us for the routine maintenance your vehicle needs!

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College Grads Can Get Pro Tips from our Winston-Salem Used Car Dealer

Used Cars for Winston-Salem College GradsCollege graduates are in a unique spot. You’re at the beginning stages of major life changes and adjustments, such as starting a career and buying your first car! To keep costs down as you begin to build up your bank account, it’s a great idea to check out pre-owned cars. Our Winston-Salem used car dealer will help you figure out what you should look for and what you should avoid.

Start With Number Crunching

The first step is knowing your budget in and out. Do you have student loan debt to pay off? Have you recently taken out a credit card to help build your credit? Are you moving into a new place and need to pay rent and other bills? These are all factors when you’re running the numbers- put your college math classes to the test!

Once you’ve worked out how much you can afford on a car, try to stick to perusing the models within that budget. It may be tempting to jump behind the wheel of the flashy car you’ve loved since you were a teenager, but if it’s $10,000 over your budget, you may wind up falling behind on payments. Stick to the vehicles you can afford, and our Winston-Salem used car sales experts will be happy to help you find the perfect fit that does what you need for a great price.
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Know Your Needs

Another important factor is knowing what you need. If you have a long daily commute ahead of you, a vehicle that’s great on gas mileage is a must- and not hard to find on a tight budget. If you absolutely can’t stand backing out of a parking spot, a backup camera will make you feel much more at ease behind the wheel, which is exactly how you should be in your car. Knowing what your needs are as a driver will help you as a buyer.

With our vast selection carrying a range of makes and models, we’re confident that we have a car, truck, van, or SUV you’ll love at a price you can afford. Congratulations, graduates- time to contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx to get started on your next step!

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Don’t Fear the Check Engine Light at our Winston Salem Auto Repair Center

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It’s up there on a list of driving nightmares: you’re enjoying a leisurely drive when, suddenly, the “check engine” light comes on. That vague order is enough to put any driver on edge as they frantically try to listen, smell, or feel an issue with their car. However, there’s no reason to panic! At our Winston-Salem auto repair center, we can help diagnose the problem, and get you back on the road in no time.

Knowledge is Power

Fun fact: when a check engine light goes on, it can usually be attributed to one of several common issues. Becoming familiar with a few of them may be helpful next time you get that ominous message on your dashboard. One prominent issue that you may find is a need to replace your spark plugs or spark plug wires. Admittedly, this problem occurs when a car has a hefty amount of mileage on it, but if you’re driving around a used car, it may be just about time! The spark plugs are where all the magic begins when you turn the key- so you need to make sure they’re in prime condition, especially because faulty spark plugs can cause more serious problems later on. They could lead to issues with your car’s catalytic converter or ignition coil.

Another common issue that sets off the check engine light is a defunct oxygen sensor. Of course, getting routine auto repair done at our Winston-Salem location will stave off this issue for as long as possible, since this issue can be caused by neglecting oil changes. A potential consequence of neglecting your oxygen sensor is a decrease in fuel efficiency (up to 40%!), as it measures unburned oxygen in the car’s exhaust system.
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Don’t Rule Anything Out

Sometimes, the biggest troublemakers are the most unsuspecting. Every time you top up your gas tank, you open your fuel cap. When it gets loose or gets lost, it can compromise your vehicle’s fuel economy and emit harmful emissions. Fortunately, this is an inexpensive and quick fix, and your wallet will be grateful you caught it in time.

Is your check engine light staring you down? Don’t put it off any longer. Contact us to set up an appointment and we’ll be happy to help you!

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Get the Details On a Used Ford Escape vs the Toyota RAV4 in Winston-Salem

Used Ford Escape in Winston-SalemYou hear the phrase “it’s not a contest” tossed around, but when you’re car shopping, this simply isn’t the case- especially when you’re looking for a used SUV, a class that’s quite crowded! Two very popular models are the Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape. At our Winston-Salem used car dealership, we’re happy to provide you with the pros and cons of these strong contenders!

The Ford Escape

Let’s open with a summary of the Ford Escape, which hit its stride right as RAV4 was doing the same. The 2001-2007 generation offered a selection of different engines- one 6-cylinder and multiple 4-cylinder choices. The introduction of the Hybrid model in 2005 was a game changer, introducing a vehicle that could get up to 33 miles per gallon in the city without compromising SUV capability.

The Escape did match the RAV4 in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash test ratings, which should reassure all Winston-Salem used SUV shoppers regardless of which direction they’re leaning, but the Escape became equipped with side airbags before the Toyota RAV4. The Escape also offered anti-lock brakes as a standard feature one year before its competitor, giving it the edge in this category. For those looking for an incredibly safe family vehicle, it seems that Ford was a little more forward-thinking on that front.
Used Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4

That being said, a used second-generation RAV4 (model years 2001-2005) has its own advantages as well. For example, the RAV4 scored a bit higher on Kelley Blue Book reliability measurements. It was able to net a 9.2 out of 10, whereas the Escape fell short with a score of 8.4. Additionally, its 4-cylinder engine ekes out slightly superior gas mileage than any of the gas-fueled engines on the Escape, so for the budget buyer, you get more distance out of a RAV4’s tank (23 miles per gallon in the city versus the Escape’s 18 miles per gallon).

As is evident, a side-by-side comparison makes this decision a little more difficult, but in the end, it’s all a matter of priorities. If you want further help with your decision, contact us and a sales expert will be happy to walk you through the decision-making process. Who knows- maybe something else on our lot will catch your eye, too! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Come to Winston-Salem for Used SUVs the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Used Ford Explorer in Winston-Salem

When you’re in the process of raising a family, every penny counts. That’s why it’s a great idea to consider purchasing a used SUV once it’s time for a new family vehicle. At our used car dealer in Winston-Salem, we’re excited to have a range of SUVs available to the savvy shopper looking for something that does a little bit of everything.

Ready to Work

Famously reliable and spacious enough to accommodate everyone, our selection of timeless sport utility vehicles is sure to impress. For example, check out the Ford Explorer, which has been a fan favorite for decades. Three rows of seating and a brawny V6 engine will ensure that you can get everyone and everything you need right on time. If you’re opting for opulence, the Eddie Bauer editions are more upscale, equipped with soft-touch materials to augment the already considerably comfort of the Explorer.

Another iconic SUV is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This unsuspecting family vehicle is a recipient of commendable safety ratings without losing its off-roading roots. If your family is on the adventurous side, the Grand Cherokee is a great pick for its Jeep pedigree. Sure, it may not be trail rated, but it will make getting to the family campsite a bit easier than in other vehicles.

Used Hyundai Santa Fe

For the Tech Savvy

Winston-Salem used SUV shoppers could also consider a Hyundai Santa Fe, which is quickly becoming a favorite among drivers. Their gas mileage, generous cargo space, and forward-thinking tech features make them a compelling choice for drivers whose families may be a bit smaller, but still have a lot to cart around! These stylish SUVs are equipped with features such as MP3 compatibility and touch screens, features that may be difficult to come by on other used models.

A chance to pick up a new-to-you vehicle is an opportunity to introduce your family to something new. Why not give them enough space to ride comfortably? We have these, and many other, SUVs available. Contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to help you find what you want.

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