Must-Have Features Help Winston-Salem Used Car Shoppers Choose

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When you head out to the grocery store, it’s always important to make a list beforehand. If you walk through the doors without a list, you’re just about guaranteed to walk out of them with a cart full of things you don’t need – and none of the things you originally went to get.

The same could be said of shopping for a dependable used car at our Winston-Salem used car dealer. While we can promise you won’t accidentally leave with a cart full of marshmallows and cookies, we still think that it’s a great idea to make a list beforehand of the features you know you need in a vehicle.

Once you narrow down the features you know you can’t pass up, you can start browsing the vehicles that are a good fit. Then, you can see which other features stand out.

Start with the Big Stuff

When we say “the big stuff,” we mean it literally! Think about the car itself, the style of the body, and the engine under the hood.

For instance, if you know for a fact that you’re visiting our used car dealership in Winston-Salem for a pickup truck with four-wheel drive to get the job done, then you can’t let yourself fall in love with a coupe thanks to its heated seats. Instead, stick to the trucks that work for you, and then find the features you like.

Winston-Salem comfortable used cars

Hone In on Comfort

Next, think about who will be traveling in your vehicle – including you! No matter how nice a vehicle is, it’s not a good fit for you if you don’t fit behind the wheel.

Factor in things like doors, ceiling height, and adjustable seats when you slide in for a test drive. If your gut tells you that it’s not a good match, then it probably isn’t.

Put the Icing on the Cake with Extras You Love

Once you find the right kind of vehicle for you and your lifestyle, you can finally start selecting features you love. With so many vehicles on our lot, we’re sure we can help you to find a vehicle that fits exactly what you’ve had in mind and delivers on a some great extras to boot!

To get the search for your dream car started, put some thought into what you know you need to find. After your list is started, be sure to contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx or to call our team at (866) 242-1277 to get the ball rolling!

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Winston-Salem Used Car Dealer Recommends an Afternoon of TLC for a Season of Fun

Used car interior detailing in Winston-Salem

Spring is in the air, and the team here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx couldn’t be more excited! Unfortunately, that means that dust, dirty, and pollen are in the air, too.

We recently recommended some easy ways to get your vehicle into top shape at our Winston-Salem car repair center, and briefly touched on giving your vehicle a good spring cleaning. Now it’s time to expand on the basics so that you can have your car looking great in just a couple of hours.

Simple Steps Pave the Way to a Great Looking Vehicle

At our used car dealer in Winston-Salem, we take a lot of pride in selling our customers some of the best maintained and cleanest pre-owned vehicles around. If you’ve had your car for a bit, though, then chances are its managed to attract its fair share of dirt and grime.

We suggest starting inside the vehicle, as a clean interior is not only inviting but can also be more comfortable and have a positive impact on your time behind the wheel. Start with a good vacuuming, and then treat any leather or vinyl surfaces with an appropriate conditioner; leather should be moisturized with a cleaner containing aloe.

Next, head outside. It may seem counterintuitive, but start from the ground up. This is logical because cleaners used on your tires may not be great for the paint, so you’ll want to wash the paint on your car last. For your tires, use a cleaner that’s acid-free. Acid based cleaners can be detrimental to the wheels and tires themselves, as well as any paints or finishes on the rims.

Winston-Salem used car exterior wash

We recommend that you wash your car by hand. This is the method preferred by experts, with a simple sponge and car washing solution. Avoid dish soap or other detergents, as they’re most likely to remove protective coatings on the paint. To keep water spots away, be sure to dry your car afterwards with a microfiber cloth or squeegee.

Finally, apply a coat of your favorite wax and buff it away once it dries. This helps to protect the paint itself, effectively working to preserve all of your hard work!

Once your car is ready to roll, you can look forward to miles spent cruising down your favorite roads in style. If you have questions about your vehicle or how to best prep for the coming season, be sure to contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx online or to call our team directly at (866) 242-1277 today.

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Best Pre-owned Rides For Winston-Salem Golfers

With The Masters having come and gone, there’s a new big name in golf- Jordan Spieth. Spieth not only won The Masters 2015, but he also matched Tiger Woods’ 1997 record winning total of 18 under par. So while you’re working on your swing and becoming the next Jordan Spieth, you might want to grab a car that completes the look of being an awesome golfer! We suggest the following used cars in Winston-Salem to get golfing in.

Winston-Salem Used CarsBuick LaCrosse

Much like the crowd before any golfer takes a swing, the Buick LaCrosse is dead quiet inside thanks to excellent engineering. Its suspension takes all the hits for you while you ride nicely and smoothly, and allows you to enjoy its luxurious interior without any interruptions. Winston-Salem used cars have never looked and sounded so good!

Dodge Challenger

If the LaCrosse was the lull before the swing, the Dodge Challenger is the riotous crowd after you just sank a hole in one. With its loud-and-proud V8 engines and splashy looks, the Challenger is sure to turn a head or two at the country club. Add in a 16.2-cu. Ft. trunk to pack your clubs into and you’ve got yourself an unlikely golf machine!

Used Cars In Winston-SalemLexus RX

The Lexus RX has a good reason for always being around the course- it’s classy and has more than enough room for you to pack up all your gear. No matter if you choose the RX 350 or the hybrid RX 450, you’ll still inevitably get a smooth ride and look suave doing so. Why settle for golfing a decent game when you could golf a great one?

So contact our Winston-Salem used car dealership or give us a call at(866) 242-1277 to get your next golf-mobile!

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Choosing the Right Used Cars Helps Winston-Salem Drivers Save

Winston-Salem used car dealership

When you head to the dealership shopping for a quality used car, chances are that pricing is a significant factor in your decision. After all, saving money is one of the most attractive aspects of shopping for a pre-owned vehicle.

At our Winston-Salem used car dealership, we’re always thrilled to help our shoppers save by offering a sprawling inventory of quality pre-owned models at incredibly affordable prices. Our special offers and financing make it even easier to slide behind the wheel of a vehicle that works with your budget.

Choosing a used car doesn’t just help you save on your initial cost, though; it can help you save as time passes, too. Insurance rates on pre-owned cars are more affordable than their new counterparts, which can add up to big savings over time.

Spacious Models Come with Big Payoffs

The team at our used car dealer in Winston-Salem was certainly interested to take a look when recently released their findings of the Top 10 Cheapest Vehicles to Insure. Interestingly enough, the list is comprised of especially spacious and versatile vehicles, including a number of minivans, crossovers, and SUVs.

With a surprisingly affordable insurance rate average, the Jeep Wrangler took the #1 spot. It was followed by the Honda Odyssey in second, and on of its compatriots, the Jeep Patriot, in the third slot.

Used cars for sale in Winston-Salem

The rest of the list is made up of similar models, including the Honda CR-V, Jeep Compass, Chrysler Town & Country, Subaru Outback, Dodge Journey, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Ford Escape. Each model delivers on passenger and cargo space, as well as sturdy engineering and a relatively low initial price to allow for more affordable insurance.

For our customers who are looking to cut back on automotive expenses, shopping for a crossover or SUV here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx is just the ticket! For more information on our current inventory, or to schedule a test drive, be sure to contact our team online or to give us a call at (866) 242-1277 today!

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Clear Skies and Warm Weather Make for Fun Behind the Wheel

Winston-Salem auto cleaningAt long last, warm breezes have blown away the last clouds of winter! While we’ve still got some spring showers ahead of us, it’s a thrill to look outside and see the sun. At Frank Myers Auto Maxx, the whole team is thrilled to roll down the windows and head out for some leisurely spring drives.

Of course, spring is also the perfect time for a good, deep cleaning of your vehicle. Spring cleaning is a tradition, after all, and washing the grime of winter off of your vehicle should certainly be at the top of your list.

Break out the buckets now, and you can look forward to a season of looking your best behind the wheel. For starters, be sure to pick up some soap that’s meant for car cleaning. This ensures that your car or truck will maintain it’s shiny and protective clear coat, which harsher soaps might begin to strip off.

Following the same logic, be sure to use a soft sponge or wash-leather that won’t scratch the paint or glass. Then it’s simply a matter of working your over the vehicle, giving it a good rinse with clean, clear water, and drying off before water spots can form! For added protection, lay a coat of wax on top before you hit the road.

Winston-Salem Auto Repair Center Specials Make for a Smooth Ride

Auto repair and maintenance in Winston-SalemNow that your vehicle is looking its best, take the time to make sure it’s running its best, too! We have auto repair specials to help Winston-Salem drivers get the most out of their visit to our service center.

One special that’s simply too good to pass up is our complimentary spring maintenance check. Our expert technicians will inspect your vehicle, checking crucial points for telltale signs of winter wear and tear. From your tires and brakes to your filter and battery, we’ll make sure you’re in good shape before you head out on your favorite road for a weekend cruise.

If you’re due for maintenance, our experts will let you know. If you like, we can carry out any necessary repairs quickly, professionally, and effectively to get you back on the road fast!

Whether you know you need maintenance or you’re just looking to take advantage of a free spring check up, be sure to drop in and see us! You can contact our Winston-Salem auto repair shop or call our team directly at (866) 242-1277 today to schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you.

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