Keep Auto Repair Costs Low when You Buy These Used Cars in Winston-Salem

KIA Lineup

When you purchase a used car, you have your budget in mind. However, considering the future of your vehicle is also important: as cars age, they require maintenance, and some models are more affordable than others. Shoppers looking for vehicles with lower maintenance charges than others should browse the inventory at our used car dealer in Winston-Salem. We have a number of choices for the savvy shopper!

All-Purpose On A Budget

Mass-produced imported vehicles are often the go-to for drivers looking for reliable vehicles. The good news is that these brands, such as Toyota and KIA, also have low maintenance costs over time. They are a smart investment for car shoppers who want to get the most for their money (who doesn’t?). For example, the Toyota Prius was recently named by as the cheapest car to maintain over 10 years, racking up a cost of $4,300. That means that going green with this wildly popular hybrid doesn’t have to break the bank!

Another good choice is the spacious and stylish Toyota Camry, projected to cost $5,200 in maintenance. Drive with confidence knowing that this versatile and accommodating vehicle won’t cost you much over time. The Camry is a car you can truly count on!
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For the Statement-Makers

Winston-Salem used car shoppers will be pleased to find that there’s a solid variety of vehicles that have low maintenance costs. Pickup truck enthusiasts, for example, aren’t left in the lurch: the Toyota Tacoma has a projected 10-year maintenance cost of $5,800- something that could be a factor in its status as a cult favorite. That means that the pickup you depend on lightens your workload, but not your wallet. If you’re into making a statement on the road, check out the Scion xB. Though the brand is now defunct, this unique-looking vehicle is projected to cost under $7,000 to maintain.

A new-to-you car is a big purchase, but you can keep costs lower by investing in a vehicle that you’ll be able to count on over time. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx today to browse our inventory and see our selection of quality vehicles!

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Get The Right Wheels to Suit Your Pup At Our Winston-Salem Used Car Dealer

Dog friendly vehicles in Winston-Salem

Your dog is your most trusted companion everywhere you go. Whether you’re going for a walk or heading out for a drive, you should accommodate your dog as best as you can. At our Winston-Salem used car dealership, we have a variety of vehicles to suit dog owners of every lifestyle, as well as the needs of their furry friends.

For Restless Pups

So how does your dog do in the car? Some dogs are still and docile, and others get a little wound up. If your pooch is the latter, it’s necessary to consider a vehicle’s cargo space. For the dog who doesn’t like to stay put, a used SUV with versatile cargo capacity is a must when you’re carting around Winston-Salem. Browse our inventory for vehicles like the Honda HR-V, where the seats can be flipped up to give bigger dogs the height they need, and folded down to make even more room. If that brawny Honda SUV isn’t to your taste, the Honda Fit also has the same seating setup in a smaller space.

This is also what makes hatchbacks so handy: they tend to be a little bit lower to the ground, which is good for dogs that can’t jump quite as high, and it’s easier to load them into the car when all you have to do is open the back door. A compact hatchback is a great choice, as there’s enough room for your dog to be comfortable but not so much they will be too far away from you.
Spacious trunk

For Sloppy Dogs

One of the difficult truths about being a dog owner is that it can be messy. They drool, they get covered in dirt or mud, and they have fur that seems to wind up all over the place. One other truth about being a dog owner, though, is that it’s all 100% worth it, so you need to work around mess. Vehicles with easy-to-clean interiors are a must for the chauffeurs of sloppy dogs. For example, the Jeep Wrangler is one of a few different vehicles with an interior that can be hosed off- a quick and simple solution when you’ve spent the day on a muddy hike or in a dusty dog park!

Whatever kind of lifestyle you have with your pooch, we have a vehicle that can accommodate it. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx today to browse our inventory and select the one that you need!

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A Used Car and Your New Family: A Match Made in Heaven

Advice for New Parents Becoming a parent requires lifestyle changes beyond repainting an unused room and buying baby stuff! It entails a whole new set of expenses and considerations you hadn’t had before. Take, for example, your car. Is it family-friendly? If you think it may be time for a fresh set of wheels, consider something from our Winston-Salem used car dealership!

Drive Soundly Around Winston-Salem in Your SUV

That sports car you’ve been driving to work? It’s probably not the best for carting around your newborn. It’s time to consider more spacious and accommodating vehicles. If you’re not quite ready to take the step to a minivan, you can always take a look at the selection of used SUVs we have waiting for you to take on your trips around Winston-Salem! SUVs are stylish, durable, and most importantly, they’re safe. When you purchase one of our used models, have peace of mind knowing the vehicle has passed our rigorous standards and is ready to cater to your family’s needs!
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The Versatile Van

If you’re ready to go all-out and get a minivan, congratulations! You’re making a wise investment that will come in handy in the present and in the future- when you find yourself bringing your child and the whole team to practice! You’ll find a minivan to be a great all-purpose vehicle. They hold more passengers, have superior cargo space, and provide a comfortable and quiet ride- an essential for a long distance road trip, or when you’re on the road when nap time hits. However, since part of being a new parent is serious budgeting, we offer a range of choices of top-quality minivans at great prices.

Buying a used car that you need is the perfect first step to saving money in the transition to parenthood. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family- and we do hope you’ll visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx to check out our inventory and pick the best vehicle for your family’s needs!

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Care For Your Car at Our Winston-Salem Auto Repair Center for Better Gas Mileage

Tire service in Winston-Salem

It never hurts to look for new ways to get the most out of your vehicle. How’s your gas mileage been lately? Even when it’s good, it can probably be better! Follow these tips from our Winston-Salem auto repair center– you may find new ways to change your routine and get more for your money at the pump!

Slow Your Roll

We’ll start with the biggest challenge in this entire list: drive more slowly on the highway. You may find this to be pretty difficult- who can resist the allure of a flat stretch of open road? But dropping by even 5 miles per hour can save a lot of fuel, and save you money on your next trip to the pump.

No matter your speed, staying on top of maintenance is paramount. Even minor issues with your vehicle, such as tires with low inflation, can compromise your gas mileage. Regular oil changes, brake inspections, and other routine maintenance checks from the technicians at our Winston-Salem auto repair are great ways to keep your car, truck, van, or SUV at its best.
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Change Your Approach

A couple more tips may alter the way you drive, but it’s worth it: things like fast acceleration, hard braking, and excess weight substantially reduce efficiency. Relax a little when you’re behind the wheel, and make sure that if you’re lugging around heavy things, you remove them as soon as possible. When you enjoy the ride, keep your car less crowded, and take your time: you’ll see results in your tank!

Finding professionals who can keep your vehicle in top shape quickly and efficiently can be a challenge, but not to worry. Contact Frank Myers Auto Repair with your questions and we’ll help you with setting up an appointment to visit us for the routine maintenance your vehicle needs!

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College Grads Can Get Pro Tips from our Winston-Salem Used Car Dealer

Used Cars for Winston-Salem College GradsCollege graduates are in a unique spot. You’re at the beginning stages of major life changes and adjustments, such as starting a career and buying your first car! To keep costs down as you begin to build up your bank account, it’s a great idea to check out pre-owned cars. Our Winston-Salem used car dealer will help you figure out what you should look for and what you should avoid.

Start With Number Crunching

The first step is knowing your budget in and out. Do you have student loan debt to pay off? Have you recently taken out a credit card to help build your credit? Are you moving into a new place and need to pay rent and other bills? These are all factors when you’re running the numbers- put your college math classes to the test!

Once you’ve worked out how much you can afford on a car, try to stick to perusing the models within that budget. It may be tempting to jump behind the wheel of the flashy car you’ve loved since you were a teenager, but if it’s $10,000 over your budget, you may wind up falling behind on payments. Stick to the vehicles you can afford, and our Winston-Salem used car sales experts will be happy to help you find the perfect fit that does what you need for a great price.
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Know Your Needs

Another important factor is knowing what you need. If you have a long daily commute ahead of you, a vehicle that’s great on gas mileage is a must- and not hard to find on a tight budget. If you absolutely can’t stand backing out of a parking spot, a backup camera will make you feel much more at ease behind the wheel, which is exactly how you should be in your car. Knowing what your needs are as a driver will help you as a buyer.

With our vast selection carrying a range of makes and models, we’re confident that we have a car, truck, van, or SUV you’ll love at a price you can afford. Congratulations, graduates- time to contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx to get started on your next step!

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