Frank Myers Auto Maxx Makes Odd Discovery In Trunk Of Traded-In Auto

Winston-Salem, NC residents are completely stunned and puzzled by the discovery of a “strange thing” in the trunk of a traded-in vehicle at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

“We just took this car in on trade. Then while cleaning it up, we popped open up the trunk and there it was,” explains Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

“I just stopped short and my jaw fell open. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Frankly it’s kind of creepy. It’s like a car accident… you can’t take your eyes off the thing,” says Myers.

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Some are calling it a hoax, but others believe with conviction that it’s authentic. One thing is certain…neither group is exactly sure what this thing really is.

Some visitors think it’s an evil mermaid. To others it’s an alien, a goblin or an elephant made out of earwax, or, as one customer described it, “my dad at 6am”. What ever it is, it’s definitely not something easily recognizable.

Myers is asking local residents if they know what this thing is. He has placed a “guess book” next to the creature where visitors can make their best guess as to what it may be.

What Is The “Trunk Monster?”

An intriguing letter found with the strange thing, which is currently being referred to as “The Trunk Monster” by the employees of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, explains how this “monster” may have been preserved. This letter is also on display at the dealership.

People from all walks of life are arriving in droves at Frank Myers Auto Maxx to grasp a gander. Believers in extra-terrestrial life are certain it is a visitor from another universe. Academics are ambivalent or think it is a hoax, but are still baffled and repulsed by the “strange thing.”

What is known for a fact is that the “curiosity” is old, dead and ugly.

“It reminds me of many of the cars I see around town,” says Myers.

The boxed curiosity that has been perplexing so many visitors at Frank Myers Auto Maxx will be on public display through October 30th at 5pm.

The public & press are welcome.

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Frank Myers Auto Maxx
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