Winston Salem Used Car Dealer Tries To Scare Up Business

What’s Up? Where you been? How are you? Why haven’t you been to see me lately?

I decided I had to write and pray that you would read it because you are obviously busy doing something else. In fact, everyone around this the Triad appears to be getting ready for Halloween.

Everyone’s so tied up with Halloween that my store is starting to look like a ghost town. I’m getting really scared! Nobody’s coming in the door so I decided to do something drastic to get people down to Frank Myers Auto Maxx today!

Inspiration hit while buying Red Bull and pork rinds at the convenience store. As I reached into my pocket and pulled out a five-dollar bill to pay, a light bulb went off! I decided, right then and there, that I wanted to help anyone DRIVE FOR FIVE bucks down this month at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

I admit this latest stunt is a bit simplistic but so what? I’m willing to do almost anything to get people in the door and the DRIVE FOR FIVE sale is just the “trick” I need to make this Halloween a “treat”!

I want to help you can drive a nicer, newer car today at Frank Myers Auto Maxx for just five bucks down! Plus, I want your old car, DEAD or ALIVE, paid for or not. It’s kooky and spooky and sure to help a lot of people stop driving a car they hate this month.

Helping people is what Frank Myers Auto Maxx is all about. We’re always doing crazy things but one thing never changes, whatever we do, our goal is always to help Winston Salem residents.

At Frank Myers Auto Maxx, we put our customers first, before everything else. We believe that everyone deserves to drive a nicer, newer car today. Our business is not selling cars. Our business is finding solutions to the everyday problems that keep most people stuck in a car they hate. We’re on a mission to change the world by helping people get the car they want and deserve.


Even if your credit is a bit terrifying and you’ve been turned down before, we’ll work hard to help you drive a nicer, newer car today at Frank Myers Auto Maxx!

Our Everybody Rides program isn’t scared of people who’ve had some trouble with their credit. My team isn’t afraid of bad credit demons. Our goal is to make the process simple and to help you get into a car you love. We work hard for you because we believe in you. It’s all part of our easy approach to doing business.


R—Rid Yourself Of Your Old Beast

I—Invest Only $5 Down

P—Pick Out A Nicer, Newer Ride & Drive Home Today!

Let me, Tracy Myers, put your old beast to rest, once and for all. We want your old car…DEAD OR ALIVE, paid for or not PLUS we want to show you how to stop driving a car you hate and start driving a car you love before the sun sets on Halloween 2012.

You can also start the quick and easy credit approval process by going to Or call 866-242-1277 and schedule a spooktacular appointment right now.


The Team at Frank Myers Auto Maxx puts you first, before everything else. I believe that everyone deserves to drive a nicer, newer car so come down today and let me help you drive away in a new ride! My business is finding solutions to the everyday problem that keep most people stuck in a car they hate. I’m on a mission to change that by helping people like you get the car they want and deserve.

Hurry in this week! The lights go out on this frightfully good deal midnight on Halloween!

See You Real Soon,
Tracy E. Myers, CMD
Owner/Frank Myers Auto Maxx

P.S. If you don’t love your nicer, newer car for any reason, bring it back and we’ll find one you do love! I personally guarantee it!

P.P..S. I’m looking for the Scariest Evil Laugh In Winston Salem. Do you have it? If so, you can win fame and fortune and an awesome iPad, just by laughing. Get ready to scream!!!!!! So before you drive away in your nicer, newer car, make sure and enter your scariest laugh. Everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing to win $250. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Uncle Frank Sez: Yes, this offer is real and there is no need to pinch yourself. Requires bank approval. Offers may not combine. Negative equity may be refinanced. We do not discriminate against zombies, werewolves, vampires, ghosts or anyone else.


Car Doctor, Tracy Myers, Announces Cure For Old Car Fever!

Trade In Your Old Car Early at Frank Myers Auto Maxx…Even If You Owe $3,000, $5000 or $7,000 MORE THAN IT’S WORTH

If you are old enough to have a driver’s license, you may be the latest victim of this curse of spring. It’s not that much different from spring allergies or hay fever. This new affliction doesn’t discriminate against age, race or occupation. It’s called Old Car Fever – that bad feeling you get behind the wheel of your old car.


1. Does Driving Your Old Car Make You Feel Sick To Your Stomach?

2. Do You Sneeze Every Time You Turn On The Air Or Heat – When Those   Pesky Particles Fly Out Everywhere?

3. Do Your Eyes Water Each Time You Pass A Nicer, Newer Car On The Highway? Tears Of Envy Perhaps?

4. What About Hives, Congestion And Swelling In Your Mouth And Throat? Does Just Sitting In That Old Thing You Call A Car Bring On These Symptoms And More?

This spring the Car Doctor, Tracy Myers, advises that car fever sufferers need only ask one final question to discover the cure for what ails them. Drumroll please . . .

“Are you sick and tired of your old car or is that old car actually making you feel SICK or UNSAFE?”

If you answered yes, you, dear one, are suffering from a bad case of Old Car Fever and the Car Doctor, Tracy Myers, has just the cure . . . A nicer, newer car that will clear up your head and make you feel like singing again. 

Myers says, ”This month, trade in your old car early at Frank Myers Auto Maxx, even if you owe $3,000, $5000 or $7,000 MORE THAN ITS WORTH.”

So what’s standing between you and that new car you want so badly? Is the issue that old car you’re driving? The one that’s making you sick?

Are you worried it’s not worth enough?

Do you think you’re stuck with your old ride forever?

Embarrassed to find out how much it’s worth?

Worried you are so upside down that you’ll be laughed right out of the dealership?

Stop it! No need to worry. Shake it off. The CURE FOR CAR FEVER can be yours today and that old car you’re worried about – that old clunker is actually your ticket to freedom – consider it the prescription that will help you feel better today.

The Car Doctor, Tracy Myers,  will spring you out of your old car this month by offering you his special CURE FOR CAR FEVER – Even if you owe $3,000 or $5,000 or $7,000 more than it’s worth. “

Yes, it’s true . . . the Cure for Car Fever can be yours today, but only if you visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx before the cure runs out.

Quack Car Dealer Or Trade Payoff Prodigy?

At this point, you may be asking yourself if Myers is a bit of a quack? Or maybe he’sjust cracked up? How’s he supposed to make any money and keep his business strong if he’s paying off cars that are so over-the-hill?

That’s a real good question and one that deserves an answer. The Car Doctor, Tracy Myers, isn’t crazy. He’s got a fever too, a SPRING FEVER so bad that he will do just about anything to clean out his lot and make everything fresh again. Tracy Myers always wants to help people drive nicer, newer cars and works hard to create ways to deliver value and solve problems for people every month. Springtime isn’t any different.

The Car Doctor, Tracy Myers, knows his CURE FOR CAR FEVER gives Winston Salem residents a new lease on life, clears their head and improves the lives of everyone around them. “I’m ready to clean out my lot and make room for new inventory.”

“It’s spring-cleaning time around here. At the same time I’m cleaning up, I’m also helping people find a CURE FOR CAR FEVER. And the best thing is, my cure helps Winston Salem residents feel great again! I say, out with the old, in with the new,” remarked Myers.

“Bring your old car into Frank Myers Auto Maxx this month, even if you owe $3,000, $5000, or $7,000 MORE THAN ITS WORTH! I’ll work hard to find a cure and get you driving a nicer, newer car just in time for that trip you want to take, even if that trip is just around the corner to grab an ice cream. Cruising in style is always fun, especially in spring when everything comes alive again.”

We Don’t SNEEZE At Bad Credit!

Is your personal issue a little more embarrassing? No, this isn’t about things growing out of places where the sun don’t shine.  It’s the credit thing, the dark secret that really isn’t any big whoop at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Almost everybody has something they don’t want to talk about on their credit report.

“So if you’ve had a little trouble with credit. Heck, even if you’ve had A LOT of trouble with credit, stop worrying about it; I say Gesundheit to those old feelings of shame. At Frank Myers Auto Maxx, bad credit is something we deal with all the time,”Myers stated.

In fact, at Frank Myers Auto Maxx, their team of “Everybody Rides Program Specialists” work extra hard to help people who can’t help themselves. “We make it our personal mission to help people feel better by giving them the chance to rebuild their credit scores. It’s what we do at Frank Myers Auto Maxx and we do it with a smile on our face. It makes us feel good to help people hit the restart button,” Myers boasted.

Their secret formulas will go to work on your unique challenges and cure your bad credit woes today. Their “Everybody Rides Program works overtime to get you approved today!

There IS A Limited Supply Of The Cure!

But don’t wait too long. In one of the few serious moments during our conversation, Myers told me that he was only going to be offering the CURE FOR CAR FEVER event until April 30th. “If you snooze you lose,” Myers stated. So, make time today to cash in on the CURE FOR CAR FEVER.

Important Safety Information About the CURE FOR CAR FEVER:

*COMMON SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: less trips to the gas station, financial difficulty for your neighborhood mechanic, happier kids while driving to and from playdates, sidelong glances from attractive women/men at stoplights, less sleepless nights spent worrying about repair bills, showing up on time for work, and even more happy results due to driving a nicer, newer car.

*THE CURE FOR CAR FEVER CAN CAUSE SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS, INCLUDING: cutting into your social media time due to more time spent spending face time with friends and family, increased confidence that leads to a job promotion that then leads to you taking that much deserved 7 day cruise with the love of your life, and yes, this might be an exaggeration but so what? Driving a nicer, newer car can be your first step to a better life and at Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Tracy Myers makes it easy to make your car dreams come true today.

To reserve a VIP appointment with a Frank Myers Auto Maxx CAR FEVER specialist please call  336-767-4069 right now or visit the Car Doctor in person today at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem.

Come early for the biggest deals and best selection.

*Uncle Frank Sez: “YES…the following offer is real and there is no need to pinch yourself. Please know that offers may not combine & some negative equity may be refinanced. Financing requires bank approval.


Frank Myers Auto Maxx Brings Back Black Friday Deals In Winston-Salem

For the second year in a row, Frank Myers Auto Maxx has once again created a surge of excitement among Winston-Salem residents. Beginning November 25th at 10:00AM, they’ll be offering Day-After-Thanksgiving specials that will end at 4:30pm on November 27th.

The day after Thanksgiving has long been the biggest shopping day of the year…and for good reason. Many retailers create irresistible incentives for shoppers to buy early in the morning. But Myers rejects the idea. “I don’t think it’s right to make people wake up before the sun rises and stand in line to get a great deal. So I’ve decided to make ‘Black Friday’ deals available for the entire weekend.”

Here’s how “Black Friday” Deals in Winston-Salem and “Black Saturday” Deals in Winston-Salem works:

(1) Frank Myers Auto Maxx is offering their entire Certified inventory selection at the lowest payments and lowest down payments of the year with programs starting with little to no money down.

(2) These mammoth deals are NOT marked on the vehicles. Customers may obtain a “Black Friday” or a “Black Saturday” Super Savings Form from the showroom at Frank Myers Auto Maxx;

(3) No payments until 2011 on ALL Certified vehicles, which means you’ll have more to spend on holiday gift giving;

(4) In light of the holiday season, past credit problems will be ignored;

(5) Because used cars are in high demand right now, your trade will worth as much as $4000 more than its original appraised value. This means you can stop making remaining loan or lease payments and may also result in an additional price reduction on the car you choose.

(6) All visitors will receive an early Christmas gift WHETHER THEY BUY A CAR OR NOT! Just another way of spreading the good cheer.

Myers says, “This is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m excited to help my neighbors and other people in Winston-Salem get a nicer, newer vehicle…and get the BEST DEAL available anywhere without waiting until after Thanksgiving.“

He went on to say, “I think people have got better things to do that weekend…like getting started on Christmas shopping or spending time with family or volunteering to help others. But I’ve seen how good people feel after getting a real steal on Black Friday in Winston-Salem…and want people to feel that same way when they buy a car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx any time this month.”

Another Reason To Give Thanks: Credit Forgiveness For Good People

The people at Frank Myers Auto understand that recent financial strains have made it difficult for some people and some families to pay all their bills on time. This month they’re featuring their Everybody Rides Program.

“My Everybody Rides Program is about providing extra help to people who have had some trouble with their credit. That means more patience, more understanding, more forgiveness, more approvals, more emphasis on the future instead of the past. We’re helping good people get back on track. And a fair loan on a nicer, newer car is the just the thing many people need right now. It’s time to leave those old problems in the past and get back on the road with a car you’ll be proud of driving,” Myers explained.

But You Need To Hurry: “I’ve hand selected the most popular vehicles, my personal favorites, and those vehicles with the highest quality score to feature for this special sale. Best selection will go to those who arrive first. Like they say, ‘first come, first served.’ We have shipments of extra vehicles arriving all the time…but the best selection will go fast with steals like these,” said Myers.

Black Friday in Winston-Salem and Black Saturday will be taking place at Frank Myers Auto Maxx only, located at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC. For fastest service call 336-767-3432 and ask for Ashley to set a private appointment.


Frank Myers Auto Maxx
4200 N. Patterson Avenue
Winston-Salem, NC 27105
(336) 767-3432

Uncle Frank Sez: “YES, this offer is real and there is no need to pinch yourself. All prices are plus 3% tax, $88 tag and $499 title documentation fee in trade equity, cash or financed at time of purchased. Terms (APR, down payment, monthly payment, amount financed, approval, etc) will vary based on credit scores, loan to value, year of vehicle and possibly a few other things. Offers can not be combined and any discount negates offer. Negative equity may be financed.

Greensboro Used Car Shoppers Choose Frank Myers Auto Maxx

Proud owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Tracy Myers, is on a mission to put the fun back into buying a car. When Greensboro used car shoppers come to Frank Myers Auto Maxx, they will encounter an honest and enjoyable car buying experience. Our leading used car dealer near Greensboro provides exceptional customer service and treats every customer with respect and honesty.

Super Tracy, or Tracy Myers, brings this aspect of respect and responsibility back into the car buying business by fighting for the customers. His top goal is respecting and honoring every customer, not trying to make a profit. Greensboro used car shoppers can trust Frank Myers Auto Maxx to find the best prices and the best service, without sacrificing one for the other.

“I want to build a relationship with you… a relationship that adds value to your life… one built on trust and mutual respect… a relationship that will end your search for an honest car dealer and finally give you a dealership you feel comfortable doing business with for life,” writes Super Tracy in his open letter to his loyal customers. It is no wonder why many Greensboro used car shoppers travel to Frank Myers Auto Maxx!

Frank Myers Auto Maxx Enjoys Greensboro Used Car Customers

Super Tracy and his team of non-commissioned sales professionals are ready to help you get behind the wheel of a great used car that is just right for you. Our customers will be treated with courtesy from the moment they walk through the door till the moment they walk out. The team at Frank Myers Auto Maxx will educate all shoppers with all the information they need to know about buying a car. By informing our customers and empowering them, they feel comfortable with every decision made at our used car dealer near Greensboro.

“Bottom line, you deserve to be treated with respect and honesty when buying a car,” says Super Tracy. “And that’s what I’m promising. I’m not in business to sell cars to make a quick buck. I’m in business to sell cars to find great people who will stay with me for life.”

Greensboro used car shoppers are offered an unbeatable line up of quality used cars at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. We offer vehicles from all of the top manufacturers, including Mazda, Chevrolet, KIA, Toyota, Ford, and more! No matter what kind of vehicle you are looking for, Frank Myers Auto has it. Our leading used car dealer near Greensboro offers coupes, minivans, and everything in between.

There is no better time to visit Super Tracy and his superior team at Frank Myers Auto Maxx! Our top used car dealer serving Greensboro will help you find your ideal car and purchase it with confidence.

For more information about Frank Myers Auto Maxx, please visit or call 866-242-1277 today!

About Frank Myers Auto Maxx:

Tracy Myers is the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC and he is commonly referred to as “The Automotive Transportation & Financial Expert”. Frank Myers Auto Maxx offers a wide selection of quality cars at unbeatable prices. The customer service is above par and the sales team treats every customer with the respect and courtesy they de

Contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx:

4200 N. Patterson Ave.
Winston-Salem, NC 27105 5

Winston Salem Car Dealer Offers Escape Plan

The popularity of Halloween continues to rise year after year among adults looking for a good time and wanting to escape from reality for a night. But if you’re driving an old car that has become your worst nightmare, this Halloween sale might just be your chance to escape for good!

Here’s why.

Local car dealer, Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, is at it again and is giving Triad residents who hate their old car a real treat… a way to escape and drive a nicer, newer car even if they owe more than it’s worth or even if it’s in frightful condition and needs to “rust in peace.”

In response to the success of Halloween as an adult escape holiday, Frank Myers Auto has put together their Old Car Escape Plan, which is going on only for the month of October.

They are planning on helping 132 local residents escape from their old car and drive home in a nicer, newer car, SUV, minivan or truck. Using the Old Car Escape Plan, Frank Myers Auto Maxx wants to completely pay off your current lease or loan on the car that’s getting under your skin so you can drive a nicer, newer car you’ll love.

If you’re driving an old monster, the Old Car Escape Plan can get you up to $4,000 more for your old car than it’s actually worth. This gives you the opportunity to make something out of almost nothing and will allow you to drive a car you’ll be proud to own.

Nightmares Just Don’t Happen 
While You’re Sleeping

“Many times people buy a car and they absolutely love it, then a few years later it becomes their worst nightmare. They just start to hate the thing. Maybe it’s not reliable anymore, maybe it doesn’t feel comfortable or they hate the way it drives or looks. Maybe it’s the payments. Something’s just not right about that old car and they can’t stand it anymore. They feel trapped in the car and they want out,” explained Myers.

A solution to this problem is not common but, as Myers told us, nether is he and what they do at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

“I’ve read that a lot of people use Halloween as an escape from reality and that got me thinking. Part of what they are escaping from is everyday problems, like issues with their car. Halloween can help them escape for a night, but I can help them escape for good,” Myers exclaimed.

“My Old Car Escape Plan lets us pay off current loans or leases by giving up to $4,000.00 more than cars are currently worth. And believe it or not, used cars are worth more right now than ever before. So your car’s value may really surprise you. With slowdowns in vehicle production and natural disasters affecting the supply of cars from the manufacturers, the used car market is hot. It’s a great time to score a big deal and that’s a real treat.”

Don’t Be Cursed By Bad Credit

Myers says his Old Car Escape plan is perfect for people who have had credit challenges in the past and think they can’t get approved for a nicer, newer car.

“My Everybody Rides program is like waking up from a nightmare. You no longer have to run and hide from past credit problems,” Myers said. “We have ways of making the banks really understand your situation. We bring the person into the process. We tell your specific story. We don’t just quote credit scores and send pay stubs. With my process the lenders see you as a person where traditionally they just see a bunch of stats. That’s what makes my program so different and so much more effective.”

Some important facts you should know:

It’s completely free to have your personal situation evaluated by the experts at Frank Myers Auto Maxx and to take advantage of the Old Car Escape Plan…

Their transparent trade appraisal process guarantees you’ll get a “more than fair” offer to take over your current payments especially since the used car market is HOT RIGHT NOW…

There’s absolutely no obligation to buy a car…

There will never be any high-pressure tactics involved…

This offer is good until close of business on October 31…

Myers says, “There are no games here. I believe everyone deserves to drive a nicer, newer car and never be stuck in a car they hate. So come on in, and let me put my Old Car Escape Plan into action for you so you can drive a nicer newer car even if you’ve had credit problems.”

As a final treat, Frank Myers Auto Maxx‘s Old Car Escape Plan wants to pay off your existing lease or loan in full or give you up to $4,000 more than your old car is worth…even if it’s worth nothing…so you can drive home in a nicer, newer car you’ll love to own and look great driving.

To take advantage of this generous offer, visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC or call 336-767-3432 to schedule an appointment to create your customized Old Car Escape Plan.