History Of Uncle Frank/Part 4 – The Singing Star

Uncle Frank Myers With Rat Pack in Winston SalemThis archival photo depicts the “Rat Pack” circa 1960 on location in Las Vegas and proves the little-known fact that Uncle Frank Myers was one of the original members of the superstar performing group, along with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin.

As a matter of fact, Uncle Frank accidentally inspired their most well-known project, when Frank, Dino and Sammy bought beautiful Cadillac convertibles from his Las Vegas dealership. Uncle Frank declared at the price he was giving them, the cars were a “steal.” Sammy happened to be eyeing one of the big casinos when he heard the word and instantly came up with the idea for their hit movie, Ocean’s 11.

Unfortunately, that led to a break with the Rat Pack, as Uncle Frank couldn’t clear enough time for the filming – “Sorry, boys,” he said, “I got too many great deals I want to give folks.” He was replaced by Peter Lawford, who was not quite as good-looking as Uncle Frank, but got by.

About Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank has lived many lives and has many stories to share. He currently resides in Winston Salem, NC where he spends his days as the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Mascot.

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* Uncle Frank Sez: “All content in The History Of Uncle Frank is a mixture of parody, poor satire, and/or (very) lame humor. It is for entertainment purposes only.”