Unlikely Educator Spurs Economic Growth With Alphabet

Frank Myers Auto has made used car buying easy as ABC

Used car buying easy as ABC in Winston Salem, NC

WINSTON SALEM – At it once again is the uncommon car dealer, Tracy Myers from Frank Myers Auto Maxx, just in time for the new school year to begin. Myers says his new approach to owning a nicer, newer car will simplify your life and help the local economy.

“Let’s face it…everybody wants a nicer, newer car. And buying a car is great for the economy! A better car can help you get to work, get your kids to school on time and in style, plus it helps me keep a lot of good people employed here at my business…not to mention the countless other folks who work to design, build, transport, maintain, fuel and insure the vehicles,” explained Myers.

Myers says that buying a car doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. He believes that there’s a lesson to be learned from grade school. “My kids are getting ready to head back to school, and that got me thinking about learning the ABCs and 123s – and how, back in school, life was simple and fun. I think buying a car should be simple and fun too…so I created the ABCs of Car Buying.”

This “back to school” themed sale makes this month an excellent time to upgrade to a newer car, truck van or SUV.  Here’s how it works:

A: We’ll pay $1000 more than fair market value for any trade, whether it’s paid for or not.

B: Bring in just $500.00 for a down payment, and you can drive away the same day

C: Credit is not an issue. We work with the most helpful lenders in the country and understand that bad things happen to good people. Our goal this month is 100% approval.

“We always have fun here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx but this month is going to be something to remember. We’re helping the schools, helping the kids, helping the economy and helping you too. It’s never been easier to get a nicer, newer car!”

The generous trade-in allowance was inspired by the popular Cash For Clunkers program initiated by President Obama, which proves even car dealers can learn a thing or two.

“People are still talking about Cash For Clunkers…which happened one year ago this month. I pay attention to what my customers want. They’ve been asking for Cash For Clunkers to come back, and I’m giving it to them. I thought back to school time was the perfect time to show off what I’ve learned!” explained Myers.

Why Is August A Good Month To Buy?

Many people don’t realize that the new car manufacturers start releasing next year’s models this time of year. That means that every car at the dealership essentially turns one year older this month than it was last month. That extra month drives prices down making August one of the best times of year to buy.

Banged Up Credit From The School of Hard Knocks?

“At Frank Myers Auto Maxx, we realize that things have been pretty tough the past few years. We’re really good at helping you overcome the bruises on your credit report that you’ve earned from living in the real world. We believe in helping people make a fresh start. Come in and give us a chance to help,” says Myers.

ABCs Make Buying A Car Fast, Fun and Easy

What will you do with the extra money you receive for your trade-in? You could use it to lower your monthly payments. You could use it to be able to afford “more car” for your money. You could use it to pay off other bills. You could even use it buy all new clothes for your kids before school starts. It’s entirely up to you.

Come in to Frank Myers Auto Maxx located at 4200 N. Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC or pre-register for the sales event at https://www.FrankMyersAuto.com and buy a nicer, newer vehicle before August 30 and take advantage of $1,000 more for your trade, $500 down payments, and more lenient credit requirements.