Frank Myers Auto Names Eddie Long Top Sales Pro For August Of 2012

Frank Myers Auto Maxx is pleased to announce Mr. Eddie Long as “Top Sales Associate” for the month of August 2012. Eddie is a veteran of the Frank Myers Auto Family, having obtained Certified status at the Winston Salem used car dealership more than 7 years ago.

Long was selected as August 2012 Non-Commissioned Sales Pro of the month for his dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty and his award-winning accomplishments in the automotive solutions department. What he likes best about working at Frank Myers Auto Maxx is helping people ride home in the vehicle of their dreams when other dealers couldn’t help at all. Eddie also mentioned how much he enjoyed educating consumers on how to overcome credit obstacles.

Mastermind of Possibilities at Frank Myers Auto, Bruce Roffey, stated “There is no one in our dealership that deserves this honor any more than Eddie.  He has become our top sales professional for the months of June and July and we are all proud of him. His commitment, professionalism, and loyalty to his profession make it a joy for all of his teammates to be around him on a daily basis.”

Credit Miracle Worker, Rich Little, stated “Eddie is an important part of our team. He is not only a fantastic solutions provider but also a leader. It is no surprise to me that he made sales pro of the month. If he continues to be as great as he was in August, I would expect him to be the sales pro of the year in 2012.”

For more information on Eddie Long or any of the other Non-Commissioned Sales Pros at Frank Myers Auto, please visit


Flip Flop Revolution Started By Frank Myers Auto In Winston-Salem

Parrotheads, beach bums, and sun worshippers, listen up! I’m on a mission to make buying a car as relaxing as lying in a hammock on a beach at sunset. Ok, that may be going a little too far but you get the drift.

I’m staging my own kind of revolution, a FLIP FLOP REVOLUTION, to make buying a car as comfortable an experience as slipping into your favorite pair of flip-flops.

What has gotten into me, you say? Car shopping doesn’t have anything to do with flip-flops, suntans or relaxing in any way. Car shopping is stressful and that’s just the way it is!
I disagree! I absolutely hate that most people dread walking into a car dealership, fear being closed in upon by fast talking salespeople and worry about being taken advantage of during the car buying process. That’s not the kind of business I run, and I’m ready to tell everyone within earshot how we do things differently at Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem!
So this brilliant idea of a FLIP FLOP REVOLUTION came upon me one afternoon just as I was settling in for a summer siesta. Visions of happy drivers filled my head. These people actually left the dealership with a big smile on their face—ready to drive all over the place in their nicer, newer cars this summer, leaving with a cooler ride than they ever imagined possible!
Plus, during my FLIP FLOP REVOLUTION, we’ll pay you up to $4,579.00 more for your car than it’s worth so you can flip out of your current  car and flop into a nicer, newer car you’ll really love!
It’s not just a relaxing experience I’m after, it’s one with a big payoff for you! Without happy customers, I’m nothing. I need your support to keep my business thriving all summer long.
Together, we can change the way people feel about shopping for a car! It’s fun and flip flop fabulous to shop for a nicer, newer car at Frank Myers Auto Maxx!


Bad credit keepin you at home on the couch? Come lighten your mood and join the party at my FlIP FLOP REVOLUTION at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. We’ll work harder than a blender during a Jimmy Buffett concert to get you approved.
So don’t even think about letting past credit problems keep you away from my Flip Flop Revolution because I’m making it simple to get approved and just like flip-flops, our application process is relaxed! Our bankers can’t wait to do business with you, regardless of your past credit history. Flip off past credit woes at Frank Myers Auto Maxx today so you can drive home in a nicer, newer car.
I’ll say it again! It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy, especially here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. I’m making Frank Myers Auto Maxx a summer escape from normal dealership dalliances. With my “Everybody Rides” program, we match you with the lender most likely to approve your loan. It’s a fast and easy breezy process designed to make your experience unlike any other. Our goal is 100% approval.


Join my FLIP FLOP REVOLUTION and stop driving a car you hate! I’ll pay you up to $4,579.00 more for your old car than it’s worth when you flip out of your current car and flop into a nicer, newer car this week at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.
Join my FLIP FLOP REVOLUTION and stop driving a car you hate! I’ll pay you up to $4,579.00 more for your old car than it’s worth when you flip out of your current car and flop into a nicer, newer car this week at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.
Take a stand against past credit problems at The Flip Flop Revolution. We’ll join together to free you from past mistakes and create a future so bright you’ll have to wear shades.
Past credit problems should not keep you from the fun at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.
So slip into your flip-flops and flop on over to Frank Myers Auto Maxx today. Come down to my FLIP-FLOP REVOLUTION this week and see for yourself why summertime just got a little bit breezier.
Just imagine driving to the beach in your nicer, newer car? Heck, even driving to drop your kids off at summer camp feels more relaxing in a new ride.
I’ll help you flip out of your current car so you can flop into a nicer, newer car you’ll really love because I’ll pay you up to $4,579.00 more for your car than it’s worth.
Fire up your flip flops and hurry in cuz the Flip Flop Revolution is only going until August 31st or until we’ve flip-flopped 127 cars. Shop today for the best selection!
To flip out of your current car and flop into a nicer, newer car you’ll really love and get up to $4,579.00 more for your old car than it’s worth contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx at 336-767-3432 or visit 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC today!
You can also start the quick and easy credit approval process by going to Or call 336-767-4069 and set a VIP appointment right now.
Hurry in, The Flip Flop Revolution ends on August 31stor after we’ve flip-flopped 127 cars.
Join MY Revolution Today & Relax In A Ride You LOVE!
See You Real Soon,
Owner/Frank Myers Auto Maxx
“I believe everybody deserves to drive a nicer, newer car!”
P.S. If you don’t love your nicer, newer car or any reason, bring it back and we’ll find one you do love! I personally guarantee it!
P.P.S. While you’re relaxing at my Flip Flop Revolution, grab a boat drink, a floppy hat and a microphone! It’s time to belt out our version of  Margaritaville for the cameras. All crooners will be entered into a contest to win a $500 VISA check card to spend during your own weekend getaway. We’ll give you the lyrics. You provide the talent.
Uncle Frank Sez: “YES, this offer is real and there’s no need to pinch yourself. Please know that offers may not combine & some negative equity may be refinanced. Financing requires bank approval. Vehicle purchase price affects actual discount.”

Business Leader To Honor Frank Myers Auto Tonight

Business Leader is honoring Frank Myers Auto Maxx, the premier Winston Salem used car dealership, as one of the Top 300 Small Businesses in the South for 2011-2012. The awards ceremony is tonight, July 25, 2012, at the Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center in Winston Salem, NC. Earlier this year,  Frank Myers Auto was ranked as one of the Top 15 Car Dealerships in the Nation and has also been ranked the #1 small business in North Carolina.

The Top Small Businesses of the South are being honored for the fifth consecutive year by Business Leader. This is also the fifth consecutive year that Frank Myers Auto has been named to this prestigious list. Team Member Will Hall will be accepting the prestigious recognition on behalf of the dealership.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx and other honorees are dynamic small businesses that have exhibited strong historical financial results, have a positive impact in the local economy and are making a difference not only in business but also in the greater community. Winner are selected based on one and five year revenue growth, business achievements and community involvement.


This year’s event, like last years, will have from nine southern markets ranked against one another. The event will feature a countdown of businesses from number 300 down to the top 10. Events will be held in Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte from June 20th to 23rd to honor the winners.


Business Leader’s mission is to serve business executives and decision makers in the local and regional market. Business Leader serves this audience through a 6 time per year magazine that has relevant and positive news about local business and, through awards dinners and educational business events. Other prominent awards and recognition programs that we organize and host include: Top Entrepreneurs, Top CFO’s and Leading Professional Women, to name just a few.


Frank Myers Auto Maxx was recently recognized as the #1 Small Business in NC by Business Leader Magazine, one of the Top 15 Independent Automotive Retailers in the United States by Auto Dealer Monthly Magazine, one of the Top 10 Internet Auto Retailers in the Nation & one of the Top 3 dealerships to work for in the country by The Dealer Business Journal. Tracy is also the author of three number one books on, including “Uncle Frank Sez”. He is a Christian Business Owner whose goal is to run his business “By the Book”. The dealership specializes in helping people find, qualify for and own the vehicle of their dreams with little or no money down…even with less than perfect credit. For more information on Frank Myers Auto Maxx, please visit their website at:


Frank Myers Auto Maxx
4200 N. Patterson Avenue
Winston Salem, NC 27105
SALES PHONE: 336-767-3432
SERVICE PHONE: 336-831-0656

Frank Myers Auto Maxx Welcomes Bruce Roffey To The Team

Bruce Roffey, one of the top performing independent automotive professionals in the country, has joined the rapidly growing Winston Salem used car dealership Frank Myers Auto Maxx as their new Mastermind of Possibilities. Roffey joins Frank Myers Auto Maxx from Village Motors where, as General Manager, his innovative practices helped make it one of the longest running used car dealership success stories in the US.

As ‘Mastermind of Possibilities’ for Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Roffey will focus on being the key member of Team Member Development to ensure that Team Members have the tools that they need to succeed. Roffey will also contribute his valuable insights to the company’s future growth and development team.

“Bruce is one of the most talented auto dealers on the planet and was hand-selected and recruited personally by me to be our Mastermind Of Possibilities,” said Frank Myers Auto Maxx Architect of Ideas Tracy Myers. “Bruce is known for his innovative thinking, never backing down from a challenge and for being a REAL automotive solutions provider and not just a product pusher. He also has a remarkable undestanding of almost every facet of dealership operations and marketing. The Team and I are so excited that he has joined Frank Myers Auto Maxx to help us serve our customers and our community better.”

A 21-year veteran of the automotive industry, Roffey has worked in virtually every dealership department with all 21 years proudly serving and supporting the entire Catawba Valley area at Village Motors in downtown Conover.

“It’s exciting for me to be joining one of the top 15 car dealerships in the country and the #1 small business in North Carolina. Frank Myers Auto Maxx has what I believe to be the best team of individuals ever assembled at an independent dealership in the auto industry and I’m honored to be a part of it” said Roffey. “In my role as ‘Mastermind Of Possibilities,’ I will work to further enhance the reputation of Frank Myers Auto Maxx as the dealership that specializes in helping people find, qualify for and own the vehicle of their dreams with little or no money down…even with less than perfect credit.”

Winston Salem Used Car Dealer Prescribes Vacation Prescription

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation? I sure have. I don’t know what it is but somehow my vacations always leave me exhausted. Perhaps it’s the way I throw caution to the wind and eat as though I only have another day to live. Or maybe it’s the over-scheduling of every minute that leaves me weary.

So this year, I’m on a mission to change all that. This 2012 vacation will be one that refreshes, recharges and revitalizes my soul! How’s that for over zealous expectations?

To that end, I did a little surfing—not the real kind, imagine me on a surfboard? Yes, you can stop laughing now!

Here’s what I found to be the cure for post vacation stress disorder.

1. Drink wisely. Skip sugary cocktails and mocktails. They’ll only lead you into a deep summer slumber with energy so low you won’t feel like doing anything but watching television. Skip soda and those frappuccinos that are so enticing to us all. Instead, drink water with a twist, herbal iced tea or even a nice glass of red wine if you must indulge. Dr. Oz says, “A glass of red wine a day may actually protect against weight gain. Resveratrol, a compound found in the skin of grapes, and other components of red wine have been shown to block the cellular processes that enable fat cells to grow.” Coconut water is also a good choice—it rehydrates as well as sports drinks sans the extra sugar.

2. Eat well. I know most vacations do not feel complete without a little indulgence so I say, make it little. Splurge on fried appetizers while choosing leaner entrees. Snack on small sweets and avoid ordering dessert. Or perhaps, eat healthy for breakfast and dinner, and go a little carb crazy during lunch, giving yourself plenty of time to work that bread basket off.

3. Sleep in. No need to set an alarm during your vacation, unless of course you’re going fishing and in that case, skip to step 4 right now. Use your vacation time to catch up on sleep. Sleep is the best defense against many a health foe. Have little kids? Barter with your partner to take turns sleeping in. Do whatever you can to make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night during your trip.

4. Get moving. Make sure and find new ways to exercise during your trip. Skip the gym in the hotel. Why not sightsee instead? Hike if possible. Swim in the ocean, lake or pool if available. Rent a bicycle and tour the area from your perch. Just make sure not to sit the entire time you vacation, although a good deal of relaxing is allowed. After all, what’s vacation for anyway?

Ok, no more prescriptions from the vacation doctor. Time to follow this plan together and make post vacation disorder a thing of the past.

About The Author: Tracy Myers is the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, an author, speaker and entrepreneur. As the founder of his own marketing and branding academy, he teaches ambitious business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs how to get noticed, gain instant credibility, make millions and dominate their competition by building their expert status. For more information on Tracy Myers, visit or