Frank Myers Auto Talks Turkey About Your Old Car

Dear Neighbors,
Gobble Gobble. Tom Turkey here to let you in on a big secret.  Here we are in the fourth quarter. 2011 is almost over and my chances of survival are decreasing with each passing day. I’m getting really clucking nervous. I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off (no pun intended and don’t get any funny ideas), looking for places to hide.

One place I’ve found to hide is Frank Myers Auto Maxx. After hanging around all week, I’ve been getting an earful, listening in on their “secret meetings” and I’m sharing this information with you. In return, I beg you to spare me! I don’t want to be your Thanksgiving dinner.
Here’s the scoop from the lot . . .
Seems I’m not the only one getting nervous around here! Tracy Myers from Frank Myers Auto Maxx counts on strong sales in the fourth quarter to reach his goals. Tracy calls it the Fourth Quarter Catch Up. This year, he’s got big goals and a BIG PROBLEM!
Frank Myers Auto Maxx is running out of used cars and there’s no time to buy more. They need to find 213 additional used cars before the end of November in order to “catch up” and meet their goals for the year.
Tracy Myers is running out of ideas and needs your help desperately. Will you sell your old car? Here’s what he’s doing: bring in any and every car you have.
If it’s really old, they still want it. If you’re still making payments, they’ll take it.
If you’re upside down and owe more than it’s worth, let that be their problem. They need cars and they need them now. Even if you owe $2,000 or $4,000 or $6,000 more than it’s worth, they’ll still want it. Myers will pay up to $4,000 more than appraised value for any car, running or not, paid off or not.
It’s the Fourth Quarter Catch Up “Buy Back” Sale!”
Frank Myers Auto Maxx has employed hundreds of people. Most of the team members have been with the dealership 5 years or more, and most of them have families. Myers has an obligation to take care of them. But he can’t do that without cars to sell. That’s why he’s in such a jam.
This whole problem started back in 2008. When the economy got in trouble, car companies slowed down production. Now, exactly three years later, there’s been a HUGE decline in the number of three-year-old vehicles that they can normally buy at the auction. Plus, 2011 has been a record year for Frank Myers Auto Maxx, so they’ve been selling cars faster than they can get them.
Now they have a real mess on their hands and this is the only solution they can think of. Will you help Frank Myers Auto Maxx? They promise to make it worth your while.
Of course, there’s no obligation to buy a car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. But if it turns out to be the right time, you’ll be able to use all the extra money you get for your old car to get the lowest possible payment on a nicer, newer car.
Past Credit Problems Should Not Keep You From Coming In

Their “EVERYBODY RIDES” program was designed to help even the toughest customers get approved. Short sales, foreclosures, unpaid medical bills, late payments . . . not a problem! They want to help you find a loan that fits your budget.

As an extra bonus, if you sell your old car to Frank Myers Auto Maxx this month, Tracy will buy your family Thanksgiving dinner . . . as their way of saying thanks!
Here at Frank Myers Auto, Tracy Myers believes that everybody deserves to drive a nicer, newer car. They’re on a mission to help everyone they can . . . but they need your help. Will you please help Frank Myers Auto Maxx out?
Please call 336-767-4069 to set an appointment or visit in person at

Frank Myers Auto Maxx Is The No-Commission Zone

Enter The “No-Commission Zone”

Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, loves to tell people that his sales force does not work on commissions. He tells them: “We are one of the only non-commissioned sales teams in the automotive industry. We are here to serve and to help customers solve problems.”

And based on my conversation with him, I’m betting he’s certain to toss in, with feeling, this statement: “Our purpose is, one, to serve God, two, to serve our guests, and three, to serve one another.”

Is Frank Myers Auto Maxx REALLY Different?

I’d heard about Myers from a story in our local paper who had written a story about his dealership being named #1 Small Business in North Carolina.

Even so, I was skeptical about separating sales from commissions, suspecting that Myers had created some euphemism to replace the word, leaving the monetary incentive in place.

However, when pressed on the subject, he responded that his sales team is “no different than his administrative department employees or the service technicians. While there is a small percentage of income that comes from bonuses, those dollars are tied to company wide goals, to profitability and costs and so on.”

When asked how he keeps his sales team motivated, he chuckled at my question the way one does when dealing with a slow learner. “We recognize the salespeople the same way you recognize normal people, the way you recognize any people for doing any job well.”

Salespeople as normal? Maybe the customers are ready to accept that, but are the salespeople? Myers replied: “The normal sales call has the customer mind-set of, ‘Tell me about your product, give me your lowest price and go away.’ We break down that wall. Once the customers understand that we really are there to serve, they start asking for our advice and our expertise. We become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.”

I wondered if top salespeople, the ones who’d succeeded under the old structure, would find this tedious or limiting.

For instance, does he have trouble hiring? “I’ve never seen it as a disadvantage,” he said, adding, “but we hire the right type of person – we don’t look for a cowboy who wants to do it his own way.” The result is very low turnover and surprisingly low costs. Myers says, “As a customer focused company, I can see my cost of sales, as compared with other dealers, and we’re in the lower half.”

How can you spend more time with customers and still keep your sales costs down?

No Games At Frank Myers Auto Maxx

“We don’t have to waste time on the games,” he said. “My peers spend 40 percent of their time on figuring out how and what to pay, on arguing who gets paid or what.” And it isn’t just sales managers’ time spent on the games, of course: Add in all the time typical salespeople spend calculating commissions, plotting how to get credit for sales and checking the reports from headquarters to make sure they got everything they were entitled to.

In fact, if you’ve been a salesperson, or worked around them, just think of the time spent daydreaming about commissions, sitting with the calculator and working out, “If I sold X person Y amount, that would mean I’d get Z.” Take that time, convert it to helping customers, and you’d see a transformation in the profession.

So that just leaves one last question: Why isn’t everyone doing away with commissions?

Myers reminded me he makes no secret of the strategy and its success: “I give a dozen talks a year, and some of my peers say, ‘I’d love to do it that way, but my management won’t try it.’ That’s because most management thinks that the only thing that motivates salespeople is greed, and if that doesn’t work, nothing will. They’re wrong.”

Then he laughed and added: “It’s a huge, huge advantage. I hope my competitors don’t figure it out.”


Frank Myers Auto Maxx
4200 North Patterson Avenue
Winston Salem, NC 27105

Frank Myers Auto In Winston-Salem, NC Offers VIP Pricing To Everyone For One Week Only

Frank Myers Auto Offers VIP Pricing on ALL Certified Cars

Winston-Salem used cars dealership Frank Myers Auto has a full inventory of affordably priced and highly desirable Triad Certified used cars. Even better than its wide selection is what’s happening this week at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

It’s an opportunity not to be missed, says Frank Myers Auto Maxx owner Tracy Myers.

“We have something very special going on this week at our dealership,” Myers said. “We’re giving our customers something only our employees and VIP CLub members usually have access to, and that’s the Uncle Frank’s VIP discount pricing on ALL Certified pre-owned vehicles. Besides being a great environment to work in, many of our employees want to work for us because we offer one of the best discounts in the industry. Now we are giving that same substantial discount to all of our customers.”

But shoppers will have to visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem this week because the VIP pricing offer will expire on Saturday.

There’s more to this weekend’s sale than the employee discount. Frank Myers Auto Maxx has one of the largest supplies of Winston-Salem used cars and their vehicles are always priced so customers will be able to find the vehicle that meets their budget needs any day of the week.

Trade-ins are also being accepted, which means customers suffering through the summer heat in vehicles without air conditioning may finally get into a new pre-owned model that may be safer, cooler, and more affordable than what they’re currently paying.

There are also summer promotions being offered in conjunction with the VIP pricing sale. Many Winston-Salem used cars are included, whether it’s for lower financing, extra features for a lower price, or thousands of dollars taken off the price.

Examples of such summer deals include a flawless 2009 Mitsibishi Galant with over $4,000 in savings. A Certified 2009 Kia Optima may be purchased with programs starting with as little as no money down. A 2007 Ford F150 King Rancher Series may be had with savings over $5,000. A Toyota Forerunner is currently being offered at the lowest price of the year.

Frank Myers Auto Maxx will also be the source for auto loans for Winston-Salem used cars this week, as well. Many credit unions and other financial institutions will have representation at the dealership to assist people in financing their dream car. Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem has a great relationship with many lenders and the ability to help those seeking financing get approved even if they have little or no credit.

For more information about Uncle Frank’s VIP pricing sale, or other Frank Myers Auto Maxx services, visit Frank Myers Auto Winston-Salem at

Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston-Salem, NC  is conveniently located at 4200 North Patterson Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27105