Blessed Experience At Frank Myers Auto Maxx In Winston-Salem


Frank Myers Auto Reviews“My experience as a first time car buyer at Frank Myers this weekend was awesome. I’m not saying it because I was able to get a car the overall customer care was incredible! When I first came into the dealership I will be honest I was afraid! Because I got so many “No’s and Denies” in the past because of my lack of credit establishment. So I stepped out on faith and set an appointment to come in. Before purchase I owned an old beat up ’95 Honda Accord. With no money in my pocket and payday days away I gave it a try. My sales representative was good ol’ Micheal Wagner. He’s very eager to make stuff happen even if it kills him. He’s friendly and tries his very best to satisfy. After had given all my info results came back I needed a co-signer or thousands down. So I called up my dad. He came, but was a little discouraged because his credit wasn’t in good shape either. So we gave it a try. With him too…nothing. So with a smile on my face I vowed to save and come back. Once I got on the other side of town Wagner called me back and had a deal!!! Before I knew it u was signing off on a 2013 Toyota Corolla!!! And I drove off that day!!! I don’t force religion on nobody but God has a way of turning things around and blessing you when you’re humble. And that I was! And everyday I get in my car I thank him!!! I also thank the Frank Myers crew and my father because without them none of it would be possible!” – Actual Frank Myers Auto Mxxx Customer Review From May 28, 2014