Responsible Examples Have a Lasting Impact on Good Habits for Young Drivers

Texting and drivingThe next generation of drivers is one that has grown up surrounded by technology. While this has many positive results, the truth is that this constant connection is a double-edged sword for young drivers.

Many parents and guardians take comfort in knowing that their teen is practically attached to their cell phone. After all, this makes it much easier to check in and keep in touch as young drivers begin getting out on their own. The drawback, however, is that many young drivers have trouble resisting the temptation to text on-the-go.

In the state of North Carolina, the law doesn’t leave room for interpretation; texting or emailing while driving is illegal for all drivers of all ages. Additionally, drivers under 18 aren’t permitted to use their cell phones at all behind the wheel.

To make sure your teen doesn’t think they’re an exception to the rule, make sure to talk with them and let them know in no uncertain terms that rules like these are very serious and that there are no exceptions. More importantly, show them that this is the case by making sure you do the same; if you pull out your phone at a red light, it shows teens that it’s okay for them to do the same.

Modern Resources Offer Solutions to Modern Problems

Car communication appsAs the saying goes, you can also opt to fight fire with fire. By making technology work for you, you can help your teen to keep temptation at bay.

For starters, encourage young drivers to program smartphone shortcut along the lines of, “I’m about to drive, I’ll text soon.” This makes it easier for teens to get the message across, and also lets their friends know not to create unnecessary distraction. The hashtag #X is another popular way that younger drivers are sending the same message.

Many leading service providers also offer apps or services to restrict of block texting on-the-go. The AT&T app DriveMode, for instance, sends an automated reply to calls and texts when the car is moving above 25 mph. This is certainly a viable option to take pressure off of many young drivers!

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