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Ford F-150 near Winston-SalemThe phrase “American-made cars” conjures an image of a certain set of brands, and even a certain kind of vehicle. However, the range of models manufactured on American soil are much more varied than is commonly known- and we have some very influential ones sitting on the lot of our Winston-Salem used car dealership. Check out some examples of the heavy-hitters you can find stateside!

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is about as American as they come, which is good, because the F series is the best selling line in the entire country. This incredibly engineered pickup is the reliable companion you need when the going gets tough. It’s an extremely dependable truck that can take about anything you throw its way, which is why it’s such a steadfast favorite in the eyes of American shoppers.

BMW X Series

It’s true: the standard models of the BMW SUV crossover line are made right here in the United States, with the exception of the X1. American used car enthusiasts in Winston-Salem may be surprised by this entry, but BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina plant turns out these highly impressive crossovers, as well as their X5 M and X6 M high-performance counterparts. Domestic devotees don’t have to feel guilty when they enjoy some full-throttle German engineering!

Used Toyota Camry for sale near Winston-Salem

Toyota Camry

The best selling passenger car in the United States may be designed by a Japanese brand, but it’s built by American hands. These sedans are favorites for their balance of efficiency and handling. They are a versatile vehicle that has plenty of room for cargo in addition to providing spacious accommodations for your passengers.

The next time you decide to buy American, there’s no need to limit yourself. You’ll find that there may be more vehicles manufactured in the United States than you previously thought. Simply contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx and we’ll help you pick which domestically-made car, truck, van, or SUV suits your needs!

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Get the Big Scoop on Minivans From Our Winston-Salem Used Car Dealer

Used KIA Sedona in Winston-Salem
The minivan has been a staple of American families for decades, but the crossover SUV segment is shaping up to provide stiff competition. However, there is something unshakeable about the minivan, and for good reason: nothing else excels at hauling both people and cargo. Our Winston-Salem used car dealer has a selection of used minivans that are perfectly suited to meet the needs of your family!

When Comfort is Crucial

We understand the appeal of a crossover SUV. Who can argue with something that gives a little bit more space and hauling capacity while still using a car platform that makes them easy to handle? However, let us fill you in on a secret: a lot of minivans are built on car platforms, too. In a minivan, you could have even more comfort and room while still maintaining the handling of a car. Minivans boast a genuinely comfortable third row, something that many crossovers lack. It’s amazing what a difference of a few inches of legroom will make. A more spacious ride may be the difference between a road trip riddled with stretch breaks and smooth sailing from start to finish.
Family vehicles in Winston-Salem

Outfitted For Any Occasion

Families searching for a used car in Winston-Salem deserve something with the utmost versatility. After all, as the kids age, their needs change. With a reliable vehicle, you’ll go from carting around kids in booster seats to driving to sports events and concerts. Fortunately, minivans are known for flexible seating configurations that make it possible for you to optimize the space inside. Make the most of features such as seats that fold into the floor, remote-activated sliding doors, and a myriad of clever storage spaces. You’ll be the envy of your crossover SUV-owning friends when you’re able to accommodate every occasion!
Versatility is key whether you’re part of a growing family or a road trip enthusiast who prioritizes comfort. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx today to take a look at our inventory and take these easy riders for a test drive!
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Shop American as Apple Pie at Our Winston-Salem Used Car Dealer

Used GMC Acadia in Winston-SalemThere’s no doubting the appeal of some foreign-made cars, which are reasonably priced and easily accessible. However, there are plenty of American-made brands for the domestic loyalist that showcase the same traits and are comprised of parts made right here on American soil- and you’ll be surprised with some vehicles on this list. Our Winston-Salem used car dealer can tell you more!

GMC Acadia

Can you think of a more American concept than a refined and luxurious sport utility vehicle? American University found that this hardy SUV is made of 90% American parts, which ties with the Chevy Traverse and Buick Enclave. With its Traction Select feature and premium capability, it follows the distinctly American ability to handle just about anything thrown its way. Winston-Salem used SUV shoppers looking for a mid-size vehicle to conquer the roads with grace and excellence will find what they need in the Acadia.

Chevrolet Colorado

This pickup truck fan favorite is a versatile tool for shoppers who want more for their money. This truck, with 80% American parts, may be of slightly smaller stature (it’s in the midsize pickup class) but there are no sacrifices on capability. It still has an impressive towing capacity and a powerful engine to meet your needs.
Used Honda Accord

Honda Accord

Your eyes do not deceive you: the Honda Accord is 81% American. This puts it in contention with other top brands, and definitely appealing to drivers who are looking for a domestic solution to their fuel efficiency problem. Available in multiple configurations and all with seamless handling, there’s a Honda Accord for everyone.

You don’t need to sacrifice your standards when you shop for a used car. You can still purchase a sturdy, reliable American car right off of our lot. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx and we’ll help you find the vehicle that best meets your needs!

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Keep Auto Repair Costs Low when You Buy These Used Cars in Winston-Salem

KIA Lineup

When you purchase a used car, you have your budget in mind. However, considering the future of your vehicle is also important: as cars age, they require maintenance, and some models are more affordable than others. Shoppers looking for vehicles with lower maintenance charges than others should browse the inventory at our used car dealer in Winston-Salem. We have a number of choices for the savvy shopper!

All-Purpose On A Budget

Mass-produced imported vehicles are often the go-to for drivers looking for reliable vehicles. The good news is that these brands, such as Toyota and KIA, also have low maintenance costs over time. They are a smart investment for car shoppers who want to get the most for their money (who doesn’t?). For example, the Toyota Prius was recently named by as the cheapest car to maintain over 10 years, racking up a cost of $4,300. That means that going green with this wildly popular hybrid doesn’t have to break the bank!

Another good choice is the spacious and stylish Toyota Camry, projected to cost $5,200 in maintenance. Drive with confidence knowing that this versatile and accommodating vehicle won’t cost you much over time. The Camry is a car you can truly count on!
Schedule used car maintenance in Winston-Salem

For the Statement-Makers

Winston-Salem used car shoppers will be pleased to find that there’s a solid variety of vehicles that have low maintenance costs. Pickup truck enthusiasts, for example, aren’t left in the lurch: the Toyota Tacoma has a projected 10-year maintenance cost of $5,800- something that could be a factor in its status as a cult favorite. That means that the pickup you depend on lightens your workload, but not your wallet. If you’re into making a statement on the road, check out the Scion xB. Though the brand is now defunct, this unique-looking vehicle is projected to cost under $7,000 to maintain.

A new-to-you car is a big purchase, but you can keep costs lower by investing in a vehicle that you’ll be able to count on over time. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx today to browse our inventory and see our selection of quality vehicles!

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Get The Right Wheels to Suit Your Pup At Our Winston-Salem Used Car Dealer

Dog friendly vehicles in Winston-Salem

Your dog is your most trusted companion everywhere you go. Whether you’re going for a walk or heading out for a drive, you should accommodate your dog as best as you can. At our Winston-Salem used car dealership, we have a variety of vehicles to suit dog owners of every lifestyle, as well as the needs of their furry friends.

For Restless Pups

So how does your dog do in the car? Some dogs are still and docile, and others get a little wound up. If your pooch is the latter, it’s necessary to consider a vehicle’s cargo space. For the dog who doesn’t like to stay put, a used SUV with versatile cargo capacity is a must when you’re carting around Winston-Salem. Browse our inventory for vehicles like the Honda HR-V, where the seats can be flipped up to give bigger dogs the height they need, and folded down to make even more room. If that brawny Honda SUV isn’t to your taste, the Honda Fit also has the same seating setup in a smaller space.

This is also what makes hatchbacks so handy: they tend to be a little bit lower to the ground, which is good for dogs that can’t jump quite as high, and it’s easier to load them into the car when all you have to do is open the back door. A compact hatchback is a great choice, as there’s enough room for your dog to be comfortable but not so much they will be too far away from you.
Spacious trunk

For Sloppy Dogs

One of the difficult truths about being a dog owner is that it can be messy. They drool, they get covered in dirt or mud, and they have fur that seems to wind up all over the place. One other truth about being a dog owner, though, is that it’s all 100% worth it, so you need to work around mess. Vehicles with easy-to-clean interiors are a must for the chauffeurs of sloppy dogs. For example, the Jeep Wrangler is one of a few different vehicles with an interior that can be hosed off- a quick and simple solution when you’ve spent the day on a muddy hike or in a dusty dog park!

Whatever kind of lifestyle you have with your pooch, we have a vehicle that can accommodate it. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx today to browse our inventory and select the one that you need!

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