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The minivan has been a staple of American families for decades, but the crossover SUV segment is shaping up to provide stiff competition. However, there is something unshakeable about the minivan, and for good reason: nothing else excels at hauling both people and cargo. Our Winston-Salem used car dealer has a selection of used minivans that are perfectly suited to meet the needs of your family!

When Comfort is Crucial

We understand the appeal of a crossover SUV. Who can argue with something that gives a little bit more space and hauling capacity while still using a car platform that makes them easy to handle? However, let us fill you in on a secret: a lot of minivans are built on car platforms, too. In a minivan, you could have even more comfort and room while still maintaining the handling of a car. Minivans boast a genuinely comfortable third row, something that many crossovers lack. It’s amazing what a difference of a few inches of legroom will make. A more spacious ride may be the difference between a road trip riddled with stretch breaks and smooth sailing from start to finish.
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Outfitted For Any Occasion

Families searching for a used car in Winston-Salem deserve something with the utmost versatility. After all, as the kids age, their needs change. With a reliable vehicle, you’ll go from carting around kids in booster seats to driving to sports events and concerts. Fortunately, minivans are known for flexible seating configurations that make it possible for you to optimize the space inside. Make the most of features such as seats that fold into the floor, remote-activated sliding doors, and a myriad of clever storage spaces. You’ll be the envy of your crossover SUV-owning friends when you’re able to accommodate every occasion!
Versatility is key whether you’re part of a growing family or a road trip enthusiast who prioritizes comfort. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx today to take a look at our inventory and take these easy riders for a test drive!
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