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Used Hyundai available in Winston-SalemBuying a new-to-you car is a major score for everyone involved. Purchasing a famously dependable brand like those we carry at our Winston-Salem used car dealer can result in an investment you can count on for years to come, at the fraction of the price of a newer model. Take a look at some of the brands that have proven to be reliable year after year, according to the 2016 Consumer Reports Annual Auto Reliability Survey.


Hyundai has carved its place out in the automotive landscape by offering America’s best warranty. Fortunately, it’s not needed too frequently—this is one of the most reliable car brands in the country. Their models are well known for their efficiency and practicality, making them appealing for shoppers who are looking for a model that’s budget-friendly without compromising on the things that matter most.
Winston-Salem used Mazda dealer


It’s possible for Winston-Salem shoppers to ride around in style without sacrificing driving dynamics—in a used car, no less. Mazda models have a timeless appeal, with innovative engines and signature styling. Their slogan is “zoom-zoom.” If you think that factor fades with time, think again! These agile vehicles remain steady and fun through the ages.
Used Toyota for sale in Winston-Salem


True versatility, thy name is Toyota. Where would drivers be without this all-purpose manufacturer? Marked as the second most reliable brand in the Consumer Reports study, there’s no need that a Toyota can’t handle. If you’re looking for a pickup to do your dirty work, check out the iconic Tundra or Tacoma. If you’re looking for a hybrid to keep your carbon footprint in check, the Prius is the best selling hybrid in the United States!

Even if your budget is on the lower side, you still need your car, truck, van, or SUV to run properly for years to come. Select from one of these brands or speak to us when you visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx. We’ll be happy to help you find a dependable car that suits your needs.

Used cars for sale in Winston-Salem

Your Small Family and Big Dreams Fit Perfectly in a Sedan

Used Chevy Cruze for sale in Winston-Salem
The first image that pops into many heads when you utter words “family car” is a van or SUV. However, the average American family doesn’t really need a huge vehicle. Sedans are perfectly viable options for small families, especially those who want their gas money to stretch a little farther! Our used car dealer in Winston-Salem has plenty of high-quality sedan options for small families.

American Options in Winston-Salem

A lot of shoppers prefer to stay with domestic brands, and if that’s the case, the American auto landscape has a few premium options for you. For example, the Chevy Cruze is an efficient answer for shoppers in the market for a used car in Winston-Salem that runs efficiently without sacrificing driving dynamics. With plenty of trunk space, you can bring along all the sports or band equipment you need!

Ford was the first company in the country to mass-produce a car, and it’s all been uphill from there. The sheer selection that this manufacturer offers to all buyers should interest everyone, but especially families, since their award-winning sedans are praised for their value alone. The Ford Focus should be of particular interest to shoppers looking for the perfect fit for their small family, as it has always been at the forefront of the Ford fleet. It’s always been spacious and quiet, and even older models come with unexpected tech features and powerful engines.
Used Mazda3 available in Winston-Salem

You Can’t Go Wrong with an Icon

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with old favorites. The Mazda3 is a fan favorite, and “fan” covers a wide variety of people! Families, driving aficionados, and teen drivers—these are just a few examples of people who are dedicated to this sedan. It’s spacious, safe, and stylish, boasting Mazda’s signature powertrain that offers a seamless and fun driving experience. It’s the family car that doesn’t look or feel like one.

On the hunt for a car, van, truck, or SUV? We have a huge inventory on our lot! Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx today to browse our selection and take a test drive!

Used cars for sale in Winston-Salem

Safety Features Age Well in Winston-Salem Used Cars

Used Chevrolet Cruze in Winston-SalemSafety is a primary concern for every car shopper. It can be difficult to pull your gaze away from the high-tech bells and whistles of the brand new models, but there are plenty of used cars parked on the lot of our used car dealer in Winston-Salem that can offer peace of mind. Check out some of the vehicles we have on our lot that have been lauded by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), the true transit safety authority, for their abilities to keep your precious cargo safe.

2013 Chevrolet Cruze

This small car was given the title of Top Safety Pick, earning the rating of “good” across four out of five categories. This model year was also when Cruze shoppers could opt for high-tech safety features like a backup camera and rear-view monitoring. It’s refreshing to know that you can pack big safety into such a small car!
Used Hyundai Santa Fe in Winston-Salem

2011 Hyundai Santa Fe

Shoppers looking for the perfect midsize SUV to carry their cargo should consider the Hyundai Santa Fe. Its Top Safety Pick rating from the IIHS will appeal to Winston-Salem used car shoppers, as will its spacious interior! It received a “good” rating among the four existing test categories put forth by the IIHS, proving its roof strength and side-impact durability.

2013 Ford F-150

Crew cab models of this pickup truck were rated as a Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. The Ford F-150 has the distinct honor of being the best-selling vehicle in America for decades, which means that Americans have put a lot of trust in these trucks and they’ve been repaid with one of the highest safety-rated trucks ever built.
You can find these models and many more on our lot. Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx for a glimpse of our huge selection of high-quality vehicles that put safety at the fore!
Used cars for sale in Winston-Salem

No One’s Left Behind With These Three-Row Used Cars in Winston-Salem

Ford Expedition in Winston-Salem
No matter the size of your family, you could always use more space. Whether you’re carting around the entire team or making plenty of space for your next road trip, a third row is never a bad idea. At our Winston-Salem used car dealer, you can count on us to have the selection you need to accommodate the needs of your family. Check out some highlights of our inventory!

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is a great pick for drivers who want space, capability, and a fantastic drive, too. The Expedition comfortably seats eight, making it a great used SUV for Winston-Salem families. Throughout the years, it’s come in various trims (including the famous Eddie Bauer line), all of which come standard with superior comfort, the towing power you need for any adventure, and the drive to handle anything that the road dishes out to you.
KIA Sedona

KIA Sedona

Even if you’re not particularly keen on minivans, there’s no denying the appeal of the KIA Sedona, which is in a class by itself. Its next-level utility makes it accommodating for big families but also quite useful when you don’t have the whole crew with you. Not only can it tow up to 3,500 pounds, but the third-row seat folds flat into the floor to provide cargo space when you need it the most.
Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

There’s been a lot of buzz about this vehicle since it arrived on the scene in the 90s. Over the course of the past decades, Honda has carefully honed the Odyssey into an idyllic three-row escape from the outside world. It’s equipped with a powerful engine but, more importantly, ample head, shoulder, and legroom throughout, including the third row.

You have a lot to haul around. We get it. That’s why you should visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx and find the vehicle that perfectly suits your people- and cargo-hauling needs. With the right van or SUV, the concept of making two trips will be a thing of the past.

Used cars for sale in Winston-Salem

Get the Most for Your Used Car Trade-In in Winston-Salem

Car maintenance in Winston-Salem
As much as you love your car, you’ve decided to part ways. It’s served you faithfully, but sometimes it’s just time for something different. Luckily, you can trade in your vehicle at our Winston-Salem used car dealership. Before you visit us, though, here’s some advice everyone should follow before they take this step to get the most out of their ride.

Iron Out the Kinks:

Cars are like people: they get quirkier as they age. At this point, there are probably some traits about your vehicle that you don’t even notice anymore, but may be a detractor for someone assessing the car’s value. Things like a ripped headliner, a window that doesn’t go down, or a particularly creaky door may be worth paying to fix, as you may wind up getting that money back when you trade it in.
Then, there are tires. Tires can be costly to replace, so it may not seem worth it to do so right before you get rid of the car, but in some cases it’s not a bad idea. Extremely worn tires will certainly pull from the value of your car, so it’s probably best to replace them. Ultimately, though, the best way for Winston-Salem drivers to avoid these last-minute costs is to bring their vehicles in for routine maintenance!
Car wash

A Thorough Washing-Up:

When’s the last time you gave your car a thorough cleaning? If you’re not sure when, it’s been too long! Vacuum the interior, wash and wax the exterior, clean the wheels until they’re gleaming, and even apply tire shine. Or save yourself some time and bring it to our auto repair center, as we offer car spa services at a variety of price points.

Get It Gleaming:

Minor cosmetic issues and curb rash (the marks left on your car when you accidentally scrape your wheel against the curb) are inexpensive to repair, and will considerably boost the aesthetic of your vehicle. However, don’t go too crazy: dents that require buffing or painting may not be worth the cost to fix. These are little things that are easy to do but, if left unattended, may knock down your vehicle’s value.

When you visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx to look at your next new-to-you car, be sure to bring your current vehicle to trade. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting credit towards your next truck, car, van or SUV you fall in love with on our lot!

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