Your Small Family and Big Dreams Fit Perfectly in a Sedan

Used Chevy Cruze for sale in Winston-Salem
The first image that pops into many heads when you utter words “family car” is a van or SUV. However, the average American family doesn’t really need a huge vehicle. Sedans are perfectly viable options for small families, especially those who want their gas money to stretch a little farther! Our used car dealer in Winston-Salem has plenty of high-quality sedan options for small families.

American Options in Winston-Salem

A lot of shoppers prefer to stay with domestic brands, and if that’s the case, the American auto landscape has a few premium options for you. For example, the Chevy Cruze is an efficient answer for shoppers in the market for a used car in Winston-Salem that runs efficiently without sacrificing driving dynamics. With plenty of trunk space, you can bring along all the sports or band equipment you need!

Ford was the first company in the country to mass-produce a car, and it’s all been uphill from there. The sheer selection that this manufacturer offers to all buyers should interest everyone, but especially families, since their award-winning sedans are praised for their value alone. The Ford Focus should be of particular interest to shoppers looking for the perfect fit for their small family, as it has always been at the forefront of the Ford fleet. It’s always been spacious and quiet, and even older models come with unexpected tech features and powerful engines.
Used Mazda3 available in Winston-Salem

You Can’t Go Wrong with an Icon

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with old favorites. The Mazda3 is a fan favorite, and “fan” covers a wide variety of people! Families, driving aficionados, and teen drivers—these are just a few examples of people who are dedicated to this sedan. It’s spacious, safe, and stylish, boasting Mazda’s signature powertrain that offers a seamless and fun driving experience. It’s the family car that doesn’t look or feel like one.

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