Tire Blowout Information From Our Winston-Salem Auto Repair Center

Tire repair in Winston-SalemAs a driver, there are some situations you should know how to identify and handle. After all, you don’t always have a passenger around to help! One of these situations is a tire blowout. Sure, you take great care of your vehicle by bringing it to our Winston-Salem auto repair center, but these uncommon incidents can still happen, so it’s a good idea to know how to deal with them. Check out our helpful tips below!

What is a Blowout?

When your tire pops while you’re driving, you’ve experienced a blowout. As a result of the damage to your tire, you rapidly lose all the air pressure. At that point, all you’re driving on is a wheel on the ground, which is very dangerous and must be rectified immediately.

What Do I Do if a Blowout Occurs?

A blowout is scary but manageable. The first step is important: don’t panic! If you’re traveling at a high speed, keep your foot on the gas pedal and steer out of the skid. Then, pull over as quickly as possible and call our Winston-Salem auto repair experts for further advice. We can point you in the right direction and will be happy to help when you arrive!
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How Do I Prevent a Blowout?

Blowouts are caused by three main things: excessive wear, underinflation, or a defect in the tire itself. Keeping your tires properly inflated is the first step, and regular tire upkeep will be infinitely helpful also. Get your tires rotated and replaced regularly, and ensure that the tread wear is even. If there’s a particularly bald patch, your tire is more susceptible to a blowout.

If you think your tires need some work, visit Frank Myers Auto Repair! We perform routine maintenance in addition to our other more intense work, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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