Hurricane Sandy Help From NC Man

Will Hall, commonly known as Ambassador Of Smiles for Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, saw Kevin Blanchard on his local tv news. Kevin was talking about how he wanted to reach out to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy and assist them. The story moved Will so much that he decided to he had to find Kevin, or as Will jokingly put it, “hunt him down.”

Frank Myers Auto Team Member Searches For Do-Gooder

Will didn’t have to look far to find Kevin. As luck would have it, Kevin’s office at Labor Finders Of Winston Salem was right around the corner from the dealership. Will got Kevin on the phone and, after a brief conversation, told him that the dealership wanted to assist in getting the message out to other people in the surrounding Triad communities. 

The time was arranged for a brief interview to be recorded at Kevin’s office at Labor Finders of Winston Salem. The video was going to used to help Will promote the Hurricane Sandy Relief Project. The brief  interview is above and everyone is encouraged to watch it. 

How Can YOU Help The Hurricane Sandy Project?

Donations consisting of bottle water, non-perishable food items, clothes (including underwear and socks), warm blankets and toiletries to assist the folks affected by Hurricane Sandy. Your help is needed so please call Kevin directly at (704) 701-1629. He will personally be delivering the items and needs them no later than November 21st. 

Frank Myers Auto Maxx Helps The Project

Will was so deeply moved by Kevin’s story and unselfish willingness to help others, that they have committed to join in on this incredible mission. Tomorrow, The Frank Myers Auto Maxx Team will be delivering $500 worth of items directly to Kevin at Labor Finders Of Winston Salem. Tracy Myers, the owner of the Winston Salem used car dealership, encourages ALL small business owners to join them in making a difference.

“It’s so easy to take everyday luxuries like electricity and clean water for granted”, said Myers. “However, just watching the news for 5 minutes and seeing the desperation on the peoples faces will make you realize how fortunate those of us not is Sandy’s path were. The least we could do is help…if not financially with a contribution, then with prayer.”

Ironic Ending

During Will’s interview, he discovered that Kevin was also a satisfied Frank Myers Auto Maxx Family Member! “That’s the way it is supposed to work”, said Hall. “Kevin supported a locally owned car dealership by buying a car. Then I saw Kevin on TV talking about his project, I was moved and reached out to see how the Frank Myers Team could help. During the process, I found out that Kevin was a member of the Frank Myers Family of Customers. Now the dealership is helping the cause with the love traveling all the way to New York! It’s a win-win in the purest definition of the term.”