Frank Myers Auto In A HO, HO, HO Lot Of Trouble


“I’m In A HO HO HO LOTTA Trouble So I’m Paying As Much As Double!” Says Local Car Dealer Who’s Forced to Overpay For Your Trade To Keep Inventory Full!

 Winston Salem, NC – Car sales are hot, hot, hot this year! The October edition of Automotive News reported a 13 percent gain in sales this year. When you couple the rise in sales with all time low interest rates you have a recipe for disaster. Local car dealer, Tracy Myers, is happily struggling to get enough cars to keep up the pace.

“I’m in a HO HO HO LOTTA TROUBLE this holiday season.” Myers says jokingly. “With the surge in car sales this year, I’m selling cars faster than I can get them. I need cars so badly that I’m willing to buy them from the public at inflated rates. That’s right, I’m in trouble and paying up to double the appraised value for trades. 

Many factors contribute to the rising sales pace in the automotive industry and there’s no end in site for 2012. Sales totaled 1,188,899 light vehicles in September 2012 which accounted for almost 100,000 more than forecasters predicted—the best since March 2008 and the cash-for-clunkers surge in 2009!

To make keeping inventory full even harder, low interest rates are making it a very attractive time to buy a new car. “It’s so busy that I can’t keep cars! I’ll pay up to double the appraised value for trades to keep things moving during the holiday. As I said, I’m in a HO HO HO LOTTA Trouble and I’ll pay you up to double this month. Come down to our store today!” Myers urged!


Myers went on to say, “With the holidays approaching, I know most people would really appreciate a little extra help. I want my customers to have a little more to make merry with so I’m even giving people without a trade a HO HO HO Huge holiday bonus savings off the price of the nicer, newer Certified car you choose. Between that and paying up to double the appraised value for cars, I should be able to keep my inventory full and help you drive a nicer, newer car you’ll love. I want this holiday season to go down in history as our best ever! I like giving back to the community.”


With a twinkle in his eye, Santa Tracy pointed out that his “Everybody Rides Credit Approval Process” works HO HO HO harder than my elves to get customers a nicer, newer car this season. We treat everyone with respect and want people to feel comfortable coming to Frank Myers Auto Maxx even when they’ve been turned down before. We work with banks to find solutions to your problems.

Santa Tracy stated, “I believe everyone deserves to drive a nicer, newer car and no one should have to drive a car they hate, especially during the holidays.”

With a mission to help people drive something they love and the drastic need to get cars this season, this is an excellent time to buy a nicer, newer Certified car from Frank Myers Auto Maxx. Drive your old ride to Frank Myers Auto Maxx and get up to double the appraised value for your trade; then drive home in a HO HO HO lot nicer and newer Certified car! Plus, if you don’t have a trade, you can still get a huge holiday bonus savings.

Come down and help Santa Tracy get out of a HO HO HO LOTTA Trouble. He’ll pay you double the appraised value for your trade this month. No trade? No problem. You can get a HO HO HO huge holiday bonus savings to help you drive a nicer, newer Certified car today.

Hurry down this week! To take advantage of this generous offer, visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx at 4200 North Pattersaon Avenue in Winston Salem, NC 27105 or call 336-767-3432 to schedule a HO HO HO holiday appointment right now. Plus, you can start the quick and easy credit approval process by going to

Uncle Frank Sez: “YES…this offer is real and there is no need to pinch yourself. Please know that offers may not combine & some negative equity may be refinanced. Financing requires bank approval. Vehicle purchase price affects trade allowance.