Big Vehicle Bubble Bursts At Frank Myers Auto Maxx!

Rising Gas Prices Force Local Car Dealer To Purge Full-Size Cars, SUVs, Trucks And Minivans From Inventory And Overpay For Smaller Trade-Ins


Good news for people who want a full size car, an SUV, a minivan or a truck. Panicking consumers are at it again. The recent bump in local gas prices has caused a knee-jerk reaction and put the squeeze on big vehicle values. Some larger vehicles are worth half what they were just two months ago (according to the auction). For those consumers who don’t blindly follow the herd and unconsciously react to the natural pendulum swing of society, now may very well be the most incredible time to find, qualify for and own the full-size car, truck, minivan or SUV you’ve been dreaming of.

How The Big Vehicle Bubble Benefits You

Imagine how this Big Vehicle Bubble could help you solve your transportation problems and improve your life and lifestyle…

  • Your current smaller vehicle could be worth as much as $5,000 more than it was last month, allowing you to pay off your loan or lease early – what would you do with that extra cash?
  • You could significantly lower (or even get rid of) the down payment required – this means you can finally afford that vehicle you’ve been eyeing.
  • You could be approved now, even if you were rejected before – stop letting credit prevent you from living the life you want NOW!
  • You could buy a nicer, newer car for as little as half the recent value – you can finally afford to drive that killer car, truck or SUV you’ve been wanting but could just never afford.

When The Accountants Call The Shots You Save Big

Tracy Myers, owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem explains, “We’re at the mercy of the vehicle pricing authorities at NADA and Blue Book. The demand for large vehicles has been reduced, so values have been reduced too. Now I’m stuck with more than 100 vehicles that have lost value and I need to sell them now.

“My accountant has made me promise to replace these bigger cars with smaller cars. My hands are tied. But the good news is that 213 people are going to get the deal of the century!” Myers said.

Experts expect this value correction to last only for a short time, perhaps less than a month. Remember what happened last time gas prices went up? That’s right…they came down again. Of course, nobody knows what will happen this time, only time will tell, but there’s always a chance that gas prices go back down or don’t climb very high at all. Think of how smart you’ll seem to all your friends and family…

And even if gas prices do get high and stay high for a while, the savings you’ll earn from buying right now while values are low will more than offset the extra fuel cost. It’s a no brainer! Myers reminds us, “Even if gas prices go to $5 per gallon, it’s still cheaper than that gourmet coffee that everyone loves to drink.”

Banks Are Back In Business

One thing is for sure. Banks aren’t affected by gas prices. They’re lending again! Myers says, “The banks and finance companies have come back to life. They’ve been banging down my door lately looking to lend to people like you.” Myers added, “Credit challenged customers are also in high demand for the specialty banks and lending institutions I have solid relationships with.”

These specialty financial institutions are part of the network Myers relies on to help credit challenged customers through his “EVERYBODY RIDES” program.

The process is a proven way to get buyers who have been turned down by other places or have had issues with getting loans in the past get approved now. “The process boils down to relationships,” Myers explained.

Myers and his in-house team of Credit Miracle Workers shop, negotiate and process loans using their special network of banks and finance companies that specialize in approving people who have had credit issues and haven’t been able to get an auto loan.

Who Else Wants To Pay Less For Gas?

The reality is that gas prices will eventually come back down to normal levels. They did last year and they will again this year. That will make this unbelievable opportunity to get these big vehicles a thing of the past. Just like the high gas prices, this offer will disappear. But if you take action right now you’ll have gotten a killer full size car, truck, van or SUV for a steal according to Myers.

“As long as your not looking to buy a hybrid vehicle you’re going get the deal of a lifetime,” raved Myers. “The reality is even the newer model bigger vehicles are more fuel efficient than many older cars most Winston Salem residents are driving.”

How The Banks’ Decisions Work In Your Favor

Frank Myers Auto Maxx has more than 100 vehicles that have been affected by the bubble bursting and have lost considerable value. These vehicles will be sold at unprecedented prices.

“I couldn’t sell them for a lot even if I wanted to,” says Myers. “They won’t appraise and the banks won’t lend as much on them as they would just last month.”

Myers is not sure how long this amazing opportunity will be available but says the people who act the fastest will get the very best deals. Plus right now you can get more for your small vehicle than any other time — as much as $5,000 more than it was worth just last month. And you could get a nicer, newer car at some of the biggest values ever offered at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

“If you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time to upgrade your ride,” says Myers.

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