Frank Myers Auto Presents: It’s Tassel Time

It’s tassel time! Graduation season is in full swing and if you are anything like me, you’ve been procrastinating on finding the perfect gift for the special grad in your life.

Sure, cash is king and truth be told, that’s what I preferred when I graduated but sometimes you just want to do something a little more personal—something that makes an impact and says, “You’ve got a great future ahead of you, kid!”

Here are a few ideas that are sure to mean something to your grad, and will impact their future in a real, tangible way for the better!

A Book Bonanza

In this virtual age of the Kindle and the tablet, many forget the pleasure of sitting down with a hardcover book. Why not put together a collection of the most important books you’ve read over your lifetime? This thoughtful gift will bring rewards that far outlast a trip to Cancun or an iTunes certificate. To take this gift up a notch, personally inscribe each copy with a quote that you’ve taken from the book. This will “wet their appetite” and serve as a reminder of how much you value them. On a side note, a great book for the grad is Uncle Frank Sez. It’s written by the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Tracy Myers, and is packed full of “life advice”.

A Hope Chest (for ladies only)

What young lady wouldn’t cherish a place to stash their school memorabilia and the memories she’s created over her lifetime? Graduation is a perfect time for a young woman to gather up her mementos and take a trip down memory lane. This gift can be passed down to future generations. Engrave the chest with an inspirational quote to make it even more personal. Make sure and take her personal style into account when choosing a chest! While a nice cherry chest may work for some, other modern ladies would love white lacquer.

College Spirit Stash

Is your high school grad leaving for college soon? Help him or her arrive prepared by putting together a collection of goodies for his or her new alma mater. You can include everything from clothes to decorations, even a customized license plate. Your grad will surely appreciate arriving in spirited style the first day on campus.

Writing Kit

A high quality ink pen evokes success. Select a fine writing instrument for your grad. Pair it with customized stationery to set the stage for your grad to come across as serious and professional. Perhaps you’ll receive the first “very impressive” thank you note!

Luggage with Personalized Tag

Everyone should have at least one piece of fine luggage—at least that’s what my Grandma told me. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy this luxury, especially most graduates. Your favorite grad will be sure to appreciate this gift for years to come. Pair the bag with a personalized luggage tag to make it even more memorable. Who knows, maybe they’ll even take you on their next vacation, or at least send you a postcard.

Ok, time to go shopping or surfing! Graduation season will be gone before you know it so enjoy celebrating the next generation. Until next time . . .