Winter Weather Possibly Coming To Triad; Driving Tips Offered

Winston-Salem Winter Weather Driving TIps

Driving Tips For Winter Weather

Experts are predicting nasty winter weather is quickly approaching the Piedmont Triad area of NC. The forecast for this weekend doesn’t look promising. In fact, some weather people are calling for as much as a foot of snow being dumped sometime in the Winston-Salem, High Point and Kernersville area on Sunday. If that happens, the only ones who will benefit are grocery stores, towing companies and body shops.

Yes, I said body shops. It’s no secret that most people in the South aren’t very good at driving in the snow. In their defense, it’s not their fault. They simply don’t have the same experience as their Northern friends. That’s why it’s important to share a few tips on driving safely in winter weather.

Tips For Driving On Snow & Ice

1) Make sure you can see out of your windshield. This sounds like common sense but like Will Rogers said: “Common sense ain’t so common.” Cleaning the snow and/or ice off of your entire car, including the headlights, is the 1st step but there are others such as making sure you have good windshield wipers  and have anti-icing fluid in your windshield washer system.

2) Watch out for “black ice”. Yeah, it’s tough to see it but it’s deadly so driver beware. It’s also called “glare ice” and the name does it justice. Sometimes it looks nearly transparent, other times it simply looks like a puddle of water and sometimes it can’t be seen at all. Snow is much easier to deal with than this.

3) Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Remember your parents or grandparents checking their tire pressure every time they bought gas for their car? Do YOU do that? Didn’t think so. While you should check your tire pressure often, it’s a “must do” when snow and ice are covering the ground.

4) Don’t use cruise control. Why? Because it’s dangerous to do so when driving on any slippery surface.

5) Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Better yet, do everything slower when you’re driving on snow and ice covered roads.

6) Make sure you have gas in your car. At least half a tank is recommended.

7) Make sure you have your cell phone. You also need to have your cell phone car charger with you.

8) Make sure your car battery is fully charged. Frank Myers Auto Repair can help you do this for no charge. Simply give them a call at (336) 831-0656 or visit their website at to schedule a time to drop by.

9) Carry some basic supplies with you. Things like an ice scraper, a shovel, a bag of sand, blankets, bottled water and non-perishable snacks could go a long way if you are ever stuck in your car during winter weather.

10) Stay at home. The basic rule of thumb during bad winter weather especially in the South, is STAY HOME.

Of course, the weather pros are wrong more times than they are right so this information may be for naught. If so, keep it handy because the bad winter weather usually sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Until then, you better get to the grocery store with the rest of the Triad peeps. The milk and bread will be gone soon.

Winter Weather Driving Tips From Frank Myers Auto Maxx

Frank Myers Auto Maxx, the Winston Salem, North Carolina used car dealership, wants you and your family to be safe this winter. The severe winter blast late that happened in the Triad late last year resulted in hundreds of accidents across North Carolina. Black ice was the cause of many of those accidents. Drivers are given a false sense of security because of the difficulty of seeing black ice. Forecasters are predicting another round of winter weather this upcoming week. That’s why we’re offering the following winter driving tips:

*Please remove snow and ice from windshield, hood, roof, trunk, and all lights BEFORE driving.

*Keep emergency supplies in the trunk, such as warm blankets, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, road flares, ice scraper, shovel, jumper cables, flashlight with batteries and kitty litter or sand to use for traction in case you get stuck.

*Please charge cell phone.

 *Reduce your speed by half when driving on packed snow; slow to just a few miles per hour when on ice.

*Accelerate slowly when traveling on snow or ice. Turn the wheel in same direction if you start to skid. Take your foot off the gas if your tires spin.

 *When on snow or ice, keep a greater distance between your car and the car ahead of you. Begin slowing the vehicle sooner than you would in normal driving conditions.

Remember: Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter Driving

It’s always important to have reliable transportation…especially in the winter. While you should keep your vehicle in top operating condition all year round, it is especially important to get it winterized to avoid any unpleasant or dangerous situation while traveling in frigid weather. You can get the following items checked at the Winston Salem based Frank Myers Auto Maxx Auto Service Center:

  • Ignition system
  • Fuel system
  • Belts
  • Fluid levels
  • Brakes
  • Exhaust system
  • Wiper blades and windshield washer fluid
  • Snow tires
  • Tire tread and pressure
  • Defroster
  • Proper grade oil
  • Cooling system
  • Battery
  • Lights
  • Antifreeze

Also always fill the gasoline tank before a long trip or even for a short distance. Stop to fill-up long before the tank begins to run low. Keeping your tank as full as possible will minimize condensation, providing the maximum advantage in case of trouble.

Additional Winter Driving Tips Everyone Should Know

  1. Pay attention to the posted speed limits and remember that they are for dry pavement.
  2. Know your current road conditions.
  3. Remember that bridge decks freeze first. Due to the difference in the exposure to air, the surface condition can be worse on a bridge than on the approach road.
  4. Be aware that exit ramps are an even greater challenge during the winter since they may have received less anti-icing material than the main road.
  5. Don’t use the “cruise control” option driving in wintry conditions. Even roads that appear clear can have sudden slippery spots and the slightest touch of your brakes to deactivate the cruise control can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  6. Remember that, if you are driving a four wheel drive vehicle, the vehicle may help you get going quicker but it won’t help you stop any quicker. Many 4×4 vehicles are heavier than passenger vehicles and actually may take longer to stop.
  7. Look further ahead in traffic than you normally do. Actions by cars and trucks will alert you quicker to problems and give you a split-second extra time to react safely.
  8. Remember that trucks are heavier than cars. Trucks take longer to safely respond and come to a complete stop, so avoid cutting quickly in front of them.
  9. Stay back at least 200 feet from maintenance vehicles and plows. Also, whatever you do, don’t pass them on the right.
  10. Seat belts should be worn at all times and please remember to SLOW DOWN!
  11. Beware of snow plows!

The best advice that we can give you is not to go out driving in hostile winter weather. However, if you absolutely have to then it is a good idea to be prepared. In just a few minutes you can be ready for any situation that could arise when you are out in bad weather.

About The Author, Tracy E. Myers:

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