Frank Myers Auto Is Flippin’ Cars Instead Of Burgers

This Is The ONLY Summer Barbeque That Saves You Money Going On Now At Frank Myers Auto Maxx!

It’s a fact that backyard barbecues are popping up everywhere around Winston Salem this summer, even in one place that’s sure to surprise. A most unlikely spot, the car lot. Car dealer Tracy Myers is donning an apron and getting ready to do some grilling of his own.

But be warned: it’s not meat he’s grilling up! Instead of corn on the cob, they’ll be roasting your old ride and offering up car on the cob at Frank Myers Auto Maxx this weekend during the Backyard Car-B-Q.


Myers explained, “It’s hotter than Hades right now. I’m just plain exhausted. The last thing I want to do is spend my days scrambling for cars at the auction.  Problem is, July is my busy time of year and I need cars now more than ever.”

“That’s why I’m inviting everyone down to my summer Backyard Car-B-Q. I know people can’t resist a summer soirée so when they trade in any car over 2 years old, I’ll give them up to $4,704.00 off any vehicle in stock so they can stop driving a car they hate and upgrade to a nicer, newer car. I’ll bypass the auction and they’ll get to go home in their nicer, newer ride and have some summer fun in the process.”

Everybody knows that car dealers rely on sales during the summer months to keep their business in the black from year to year. 75% of their annual profit comes from sales during these peak summer months. With the increase in sales comes the need to restock inventory. It’s very important for car dealers to take in as many trades as they can to keep up with demand especially when fuel prices and inventory levels are as unpredictable as they are right now.

So right now is the best time to upgrade your car and life; trade in any vehicle over 2 years old and get up to $4,704.00 off a nicer, newer car so that you can stop driving a car you hate at the Backyard Car-B-Q where Myers is flippin’ cars instead of burgers!


Worried about a few BURNS on your credit report? Chill out at the Backyard Car-B-Q where the ultimate pit master, Myers, will grill the banks to get you approved. He won’t take no for an answer! It’s the GREAT CAR-B-Q CHALLENGE OF 2012—Braggin’ Rights’ go to the craftiest cook—to the one who melts your credit challenges away, and helps you get approved for a nicer, newer car.

As Myers made very clear, “I don’t want anyone to stay away from my Backyard Car-B-Q because of bad credit. I don’t care a hoot about what that report says. I work hard to help as many people as I can get approved, especially those who really need my help. I really do want everyone to leave the party in a nicer, newer car. I believe no one should have to drive a car they hate.

With the volume of business Myers brings to the table with his “Everybody Rides Program,” the banks go out of their way to treat his customers right. They work together to find solutions.

“My automotive finance experts keep fighting for you long past the point many others quit! So come down to grill and chill at my barbecue hotspot. We’ll work hard to send you home in a nicer, newer car today!” exclaimed Myers. 


Be sure to get down to Frank Myers Auto Maxx where you can trade in any car over 2 years old and get up to $4,704.00 off any Certified vehicle in stock so you can stop driving a car you hate. Upgrade to a nicer, newer car at the Backyard Car-B-Q. The grill is heatin’ up! Myers is ready to smoke that old ride you can’t wait to get rid of! It’s time to drive a car you love and say goodbye to that clunker you hate!

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You can also start the quick and easier credit approval process by going to Or call 336-767-4069 and set a VIP appointment right now.

Head over to Frank Myers Auto Maxx at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC this week to take part in the BACKYARD CAR-B-Q. 

Hurry in, The Backyard Car-B-Q ends midnight on July 31st or after we’ve grilled 143 cars.