History Of Uncle Frank/Part 2 – Uncle Frank The Frontiersman

 Uncle Frank The Frontiersman

This photo captures famed horse trader Uncle Frank Myers in 1887, somewhere on the trail in West Texas. As you can see, he’s showing off one of the prime vehicles from his lot – an early Ford Bronco, gently used, in excellent condition, and, as with all of Frank’s quality vehicles, complete with a lifetime warranty (“lifetime” meaning the life of the horse).

Uncle Frank became a fixture on the local horse trading scene, believing that every cowboy (and cowgirl) deserved a nicer, newer steed. He was known throughout the Wild West for his unforgettable catchphrase, “Everybody saddles up!”

About Uncle Frank

Uncle Frank has lived many lives and has many stories to share. He currently resides in Winston Salem, NC where he spends his days as the Frank Myers Auto Maxx Mascot.

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* Uncle Frank Sez: “All content in The History Of Uncle Frank is a mixture of parody, poor satire, and/or (very) lame humor. It is for entertainment purposes only.”