Frank Myers Auto Offers A Cure For Driving Dead

$13 Is Lucky At Frank Myers Auto

An Open Letter From The Desk Of Tracy Myers/Owner of Frank Myers Auto – A few weeks ago, I noticed a man staggering around on my lot. I immediately knew something was off. The look in his eyes was so…empty. The man just didn’t look right. I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The man looked like…a zombie.

Believe it or not, this was not the first time I noticed someone with these symptoms. An increasing number of drivers seem to be Driving Dead, with their old cars acting as host to one of the most unique viruses to date. People hate driving their old cars and are embarrassed to be seen around town.

In an effort to save the streets of Winston-Salem, NC from the infected junkers, I’ve decided that I’m fighting back. Even though it may be down right kooky, I’m offering drivers a cure to help them stop Driving Dead.

This really is, in my opinion, the best course of action. I can’t go on meeting people that are embarrassed to be seen driving around town in their old cars. Everywhere I look, people are unhappy, lifeless. They go through life stuck in a car they hate because they think they can’t get a new one. Well, now’s my chance to turn the tables. I’m giving people access to the cure for just $13 down.

Zombies Feast on Bad Credit – Don’t Let Them Hold You Back!


Ultimately my business is about helping people. If you think your credit is horrifying—try me. My “Everybody Rides” program could get you in a car so fast, it’s scary!

I’ve never been one to jump the gun when it comes to judging someone because of less than stellar credit. My staff does their best to make sure that everyone we do business with is evaluated as a person and not a number. With this mindset, you can be sure we’ll try our hardest to get you into a nicer, newer car the very same day.

Being not only a business owner but also a resident of Winston-Salem means so much more than just selling cars. It means you can be sure that every measure will be taken to help get you into the car you decide best suits your needs. At Frank Myers Auto Maxx it’s about you, not the car.

So escape the undead and come back to life in a nicer, newer car today. I’m on a mission to clear our streets of the Driving Dead! If you’re worried about making a down payment—don’t be! If you have just $13 to put down, I could help you drive alive again.

It’s good for you, good for Winston-Salem and good for my business. I get a chance to bring our community back to life and make people happy again, while doing what I already love to do—solve people’s car problems.

Join The Cause—Fight Back TODAY!


Winston-Salem is in trouble, and I want to do my part. I only have 113 cars left to help people stop Driving Dead, and once it’s over, it’s over.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! 

Drive alive in a nicer, newer Certified ride for just $13 down TODAY!

See you soon,

Tracy E. Myers – Owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx

P.S. Hurry down to Frank Myers Auto Maxx TODAY! The Driving Dead event ends midnight on October 31st or after we’ve helped 113 people drive home in a nicer, newer car.


* Uncle Frank Sez: “YES…this offer is real. All prices are plus 3% tax, $55 tag & $499 title documentation fee. Terms (APR, Down Payment, Monthly Payment, Amount Financed, etc) will vary based on credit scores, loan to value & year of vehicle. Please know that offers may not combine, some negative equity may be refinanced & financing requires bank approval.”