Super Tracy To The Rescue!

Spandex-Clad Car Dealer Saves Residents From Unreliable, Unsafe & Uncool Cars By Giving Up To $4,000.00 More For Any Trade

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s Tracy Myers from Frank Myers Auto Maxx.

Not what you expected is it? Well, it’s true, so you better get used to it. The summer superhero movie motif has caused local celebrity car dealer Myers to morph into a caped crusader.  This do-gooder may not be hanging around dark alleys busting bad guys, but Myers says what he is doing is just as important. 

“I’m on a mission to save Winston Salem residents from cars that are unreliable, unsafe or just uncool. I believe everyone should be able to drive a nicer, newer car they absolutely love that’s safe, reliable and gives them a sense of style and identity without having to rob a bank to pay for it,” Myers explains.

“I’ve always considered myself one of the good guys, but this month I’m taking it a step further. I’m suiting up and saving people from cars they hate. I’m fighting the crime of credit discrimination and helping good people who have had some bad luck in the past get approved for the nicer, newer car they want and deserve. I’m hoping my superhero transformation will get people inspired to help others too.”

This month Myers is launching his Super Solution Sale. If you’re trapped in a car you hate and want out, now is the time to visit Frank  Myers Auto Maxx.

To participate in the Super Solution Sale and get out of your old car and into a nicer, newer one just bring any old car, running or not, down to Frank Myers Auto at 4200 North Patterson Avenue in Winston Salem, NC and Myers, AKA Captain Car-merica, will free you from your villainous old car by giving you up to $4,000.00 more than your old trade is worth…even if it’s worth nothing at all.  Or if you are still making payments, The Green Wallet will payoff your existing lease or loan so you can drive away in a nicer, newer car the same day.

$4,000.00 To The Rescue!

If you’re trapped in a car that’s worth nothing, the heroes at Frank Myers Auto Maxx will rescue you and give you up to  $4,000.00 more than your trade is worth. You can use the money you save and use it as a down payment on a nicer, newer car. Even if it’s a piece of worthless junk. Even if it doesn’t run. Even if you have to tow it in.

If you are driving a car that still has some value, they’ll take it and give you $4,000.00 more than the appraised value for it.

If you’re still making payments on a lease or loan but you’re tired of driving that old car, don’t worry! They’ll save the day and pay off your current lease or loan No Matter What You Owe!

• $4,000 could significantly lower your monthly payment…
• $4,000 could eliminate the need for a down payment…
• $4,000 could pay off your existing loan or lease…
• $4,000 could be used to pay off other debt…

Is Bad Credit Your Kryptonite?

If you’ve had problems in the past that have weakened your credit score, your buying power and your credibility, now is THE time to beat that bad credit bad guy and get a fresh start.  

Myers says that credit challenged buyers can thank his Super Friends at the banks and finance companies for a better than ever chance of being approved for a nicer, newer vehicle. Not to mention, interest rates on vehicle loans and leases are at an all time low. It’s cheaper now to finance a car than ever before!

“Due to my recent superhero fixation I’ve called in all my Super Friends to help me.  We’re doing what ever it takes to solve the problems that are keeping people stuck in cars they hate. I’m pulling out all the stops and cashing in all my favors with the banks and lending institutions. I’ve pre-notified them that I’m going to need their help to save the day for many Winston Salem Residents. My ‘Everybody Rides’ program will be SUPER CHARGED,” explains Myers.

The “Everybody Rides” program is only available at Frank Myers Auto Maxx. It’s a consumer focused credit approval process that takes the person into consideration, not just their financial statistics.

“It’s the personal approach to lending that so many financial institutions have forgotten about. I’ve put people back into the credit process and it’s working amazingly well for us. I believe if you take care of people, they’ll take care of you. That’s why my ‘Everybody Rides’ program works when nobody else can get the job done,” boasts Myers.

Upgrade Your Car & Improve Your Life

Myers explains that his focus is on solving problems not on selling cars.  “We don’t sell cars here. We help people. We solve the problems that keep people from being able to drive a nicer, newer car that’s safe, reliable and that they love to drive. Most dealerships just focus on selling a product. I don’t believe the car business is a merchandise business. I believe the car business is a people business,” said Myers.

“Life is tough and there are all kinds of challenges, many of which are caused or at least affected by your car or some transportation issue!” Myers exclaimed.

Here are a few of the problems that Myers says his Super Solution Sale could solve:
1. Your kids are embarrassed to be seen in your old clunker. They hide around the corner when you come to pick them up from school. — Super Tracy to the rescue!!
2. You can’t get to work on time because your vehicle is not reliable and your boss is starting to wonder what is wrong with you. — Super Tracy to the rescue!!
3. You’re stuck making payments on a car you hate driving. It makes you crazy every day and puts you in a bad mood. — Super Tracy to the rescue!!
4. You constantly feel guilty about how much gas your old guzzler wastes. — Super Tracy to the rescue!!
5. Your significant other is feeling a little less than amorous after your date in that thing you call a car. — Super Tracy to the rescue!!!
6. Don’t have a family or significant other? Maybe it’s your old car. — Super Tracy to the rescue!!

Myers boasts, “Come to  today and make everyone in your house proud. You can even be a Superhero right there in your own home.”

My Super Power Will Eventually Be Gone And So Will This Amazing Opportunity

To take advantage of the Super Solution Sale and get up to $4,000.00 more than your old trade is worth for whatever car you’re driving, all you have to do is get down to Frank Myers Auto Maxx right away. You’ll drive home in a nicer, newer car and save the day for your family.

You can call 888-587-4430 and speak to one of the Automotive Transportation and Financing Experts at Frank Myers Auto Maxx and schedule a VIP test drive or get preapproved for my Everybody Rides Program by visiting

This opportunity to get up to $4,000.00 more than your old trade is worth, regardless of condition, mileage or age OR get out of your current loan or lease no matter what you owe is only available to the next 112 guests.

Myers is a name recognized by nearly all Winston Salem residents. He has rewritten the rules about how car dealers should interact with customers and the community by becoming a Car Dealer “For The People” and is always sharing his opinion on timely topics and coming up with clever and fun ways for local residents to do business at Frank Myers Auto Maxx.